The Quote Challenge III – First Day

Sometimes it’s hard to keep going. In those moments we have to remind ourselves that in some cases we don’t just do it for ourselves but also for our children. Giving up is not a good example. They are watching, they’re learning and they’re looking up to you. Don’t disappoint your children. Be strong for them and keep going, even if it seems hard or impossible.

When The Bespectacled Mother challenged me to take part in the Quote Challenge again, I thought why not, let’s do it a second time. And then I realized that it actually is round number three! As you probably can tell, it’s a challenge that I really enjoy and therefor decided to do it again.

So here are the rules, for those of you, who haven’t heard of this great challenge just yet:

  • Post one of your favorite quotes (different quote on each day) on three consecutive days. The quote can be from your favorite book, author, or your own.
  • Nominate three bloggers to challenge them.
  • Thank the blogger, who nominated you.

I would like to challenge the following bloggers today:

Silver Lining Mama
Far Beyond The Stars

16 thoughts on “The Quote Challenge III – First Day

  1. Thanks Sandra for accepting the nomination.
    You have posted a very relevant quote for us as parents. Our children will learn not from our preachings but how do we conduct ourselves in various situations.

    Liked by 1 person

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