My Picks Of The Week #30

Some really good reads out there. Sometimes it’s difficult to choose not too many in order to keep this list kind of short. So here are the posts I enjoyed reading the most last week. Have fun and enjoy your weekend 🙂

Post The Possible
Interesting post about superstition…

Thoughts Of An E’ville Woman
Makes you think about the many races you run in your life…
And this post is just gold. I couldn’t agree more!

Never Trust A Jellyfish
There are things we can take but when it comes to our daughters we won’t take it anymore…

Oh I loved reading this one…

A very short and inspiring post…

Kindredspirit23’s Blog
The approach to bullies is still not strong enough. It really needs to stop…

It’s all about being YOU…

Scary Mommy
You have kids? Well then you know exactly what this post is all about…And this post

Very true, there is something about men on knees…

Alex’s Lemonade Stand
Please head over and consider this…

Tales Of A North Shore Princess
It takes a lot to get some people to understand when enough is enough…

Morning Story And Dilbert
Some friendships are not only meant to lead you to a better you but also to last a lifetime…

14 thoughts on “My Picks Of The Week #30

  1. Thanks so much for the pick! I’m glad you’ve found it interesting. I’ll be sure to check on the other picks for the week!!

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