Times Change

Times have changed. Remember when we actually could party through the night, have a coffee and go straight to work and actually function? Maybe we hit a wall late afternoon but in my case it was usually right before heading home anyway. 

If I get less than 6 hours now I already feel like a Zombie. 4 hours would feel like being hit by a train… All day long… 

26 thoughts on “Times Change

  1. Haha, so true!! We just spent a weekend visiting friends, and there was a bit too much partying (but no driving)! I believe it will take me at least three days to recover, but it was still worth it! πŸ™‚

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    • Well that’s good too. Me too, by the way… and I loved it. The work I did was work and fun and everything combined, so I could go for hours and hours. Kind of like the Energizer Bunny…


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