Your Stories – How We Met

It starts with a party… and then it leads you to the perfect relationship. What a wonderful love story and congrats for having found each other.

Ziddi Tamana

A year ago today, September 26th, 2010, my ex-roommate and cousin, Manu got married to Nit. I was her unofficial maid-of-honor and D was Nit’s unofficial best-man. I say unofficial because neither one of us were officially appointed this position in the wedding and somehow just inherited it by the tasks we preformed. Part of my unofficial duty was to drive Manu to the temple as was D’s to get Nit there. On the way I was supposed to pick up flowers and D was supposed to pick up mitai (Indian sweets). I didn’t have proper directions to get to the temple, so I asked Manu to get them from Nit. He didn’t have proper directions either and ended up passing the phone to D and Manu gave me the phone at our end. It was the first time I talked to D but there was no formality, no shyness…

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