My Worst Nightmare

My worst nightmare is about losing my children. As a dream but also as a fear and I guess that is why I had that nightmare one night. There are dreams that don’t do much to me. Sweet dreams and also nightmares. I wake up and I can shake it off. I realize the instant I open my eyes that it was a dream. Maybe even before that. The subconsciousness already knows.

And then there are the other dreams. The dreams that really get to you. They can be sweet as well and sometimes they are so sweet that you would like to stick around a bit longer but that bloody alarm clock is just going off and off and off. And even if you know that you can stay in bed for that little bit longer, you will never get back to where you were in your dream again. Never reach that sweet spot anymore.

But there are nightmares like this too. Nightmares that really get to you. The ones you wake up and it takes you a while to figure out if it’s all real or not. The ones that stick to you for a while and make you not fall asleep anymore. And sometimes when you actually manage to fall back asleep you find yourself right smack bang in the middle of it again. Those dreams will haunt you all day. They make you think and they make you scared and sad.

I wonder if you ever had a dream like that?

There is one dream that hit me like this and it was all about losing my children, trying to find my husband. Knowing that something really bad had happened to them but I didn’t really know what. I knew that I had to get to them, I knew where to go but I just couldn’t get there. I couldn’t find them. I know I should go into details but I don’t want to. I know that if I do, it will make me think about it all evening and maybe even get to me in my dreams.

I find it… let me think of the right word… interesting… scary… amazing… mind blowing… how intense and real the feelings of panic and pain, of fear and shock can be in your dream. How intense the heartache feels. That lost feeling because there is nothing you can do. How numb you are in this panic of never be able to find the most important people in your life ever again.

I’m glad that I don’t dream things like this often. And I’m glad that they are there when I wake up, with their beautiful smiles and hugs. I’m glad I can hug them and kiss them and we can chat together as for some people my nightmare is reality.

Inspired by the Daily Post Daily Prompt – Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

26 thoughts on “My Worst Nightmare

  1. Thise dreams just shudder you. But they are just your worst fears which lay at the back of your head at all times. It’s worst whenyou actually see them as a nightmare they become a vision you are not easily able to shake off. May Lord protect us all at all times:-)

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  2. Amazing! I just happened to log in this morning and read your post first! Amazing I say since I woke up this morning after a restless nights sleep too. Dreamt that I was on a holiday and lost my kid during the trip! Woke up feeling sick and terrified……


  3. I remember one time when I was a young teenager, my mother had a nightmare that my sisters and I had gone missing or were dead (I can’t remember exactly what her dream was about) and she had gotten up and went into our bedrooms to make sure we were all okay. I think it might be a normal parent thing.

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