The Lion King Is Dead, The Manhunt Has Started

You all know how much I appreciate nature. How much I would love to be able to personally protect every creature on this planet. You might have an idea after I shared this post about how much I dislike massacres like the ones that happen on a regular base in the Faroe Islands and in Taji. I could scream of pain and anger when I hear that whaling is still going on. I don’t understand it. I hate it and I want it to stop. It has to stop.

I don’t understand how people can kill for pleasure. I see the point that you need to hunt and kill for food. I kind of accept it when I think that there is no clear advantage for the hunter. When the hunter actually has to work hard to get his or her prey. Unfortunately that is very often not the case anymore.

What I absolutely don’t understand is how you can head out and kill for fun, equipped with high-tech gear, playing dirty tricks that gives the animal no chance to get away whatsoever. I don’t understand that you would want to kill an animal just to be able to have a trophy at home, a trophy you can show off. And I think Jimmy Kimmel nailed it in his monologue in his last show.

The one thing that goes through my mind now though is how much this dentist (and by now we all know his name is Walter Palmer) will suffer. Probably for the rest of his life. Frankly I don’t really care that he will suffer. But I kind of feel sorry for his family.

Anyway. The guy is done. With all what goes on on social media at the moment and the way his name is used everywhere. With what was said by Jimmy Kimmel, who for sure will not be the last celebrity to speak about it. He is done. Apparently he already had to shut down his dental practice. Now this is not only out in the open in the US. He’s known now as the guy who shot Cecil to show off everywhere where people have access to social media. Everyone knows his name. And everyone has seen how he looks like. Unless he changes his name and appearance his future might look rather dark. There is no hiding for him. No starting over again somewhere else. The hunter becomes the hunted. In a way it’s like being cyber-bullied.

In a way…

Because this is what I call Karma and I wish it would happen to many others who can’t control the need to make blood flow…Maybe it makes others think twice before they go on a hunt. It all might come back to hunt them in the end… In this case the manhunt has only just begun…

18 thoughts on “The Lion King Is Dead, The Manhunt Has Started

  1. I grew up in farm country where hunting and fishing was a way of life but you did that to feed your family. I don’t get this sport hunting of killing animals on safari. It serves no useful purpose.

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    • Every fall in the area I grew up people would go hunting. It’s a way to keep the numbers of the deeds under control and also feeding the family. I’m not saying that some of them do it to get a trophy, like antlers. But it’s far from this kind of trophy hunting…

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  2. I have been very upfront in my blog that my son and I go deer hunting every winter.

    However it is done legally, we only shoot what we are willing to eat and we don’t hunt for trophies.

    I look at it as a good life lesson for my son, respect of nature and a father/son bonding opportunity.

    What I absolutely hate is social media in this context. Sure the outrage shut down the dentist’s practice and you can call it karma but what about all the other people that worked there that are now unemployed? Did they deserve that? Why isn’t anyone outraged that they lost their jobs?

    People bite on a cause but no one gives a shit about the collateral damage. A laser focus on a specific issue to the exclusion of everything else is dangerous and stupid.

    Sorry – must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed. Rant done!

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    • No, no, no, don’t be sorry, you are totally right! In this sense he took much more than a lions life. I found it interesting that nobody’s upset about him blaming the guide. I’m surprised that nobody worries about his employees and nobody talks about what this will do to his family, to his children… Imagine what the kids go and will go through… When I said Karma I was only talking about him. As much as I like that he’s not just getting away I also find it scary that he’ll be struggling. That’s why I mentioned the cyber-bullying as well, as what happens now and frankly what I’ve done too, is nothing else than cyber-bullying. I really appreciate your input.

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  3. this is my POV: here’s this rich US citizen who goes to another country and trammels on their toes…(cecil, admittedly, was more of a local hero)…he has further damaged the US image, reinforcing the negative stereotypes…many in Africa see us9US citizens) as overbearing hypocrites who run roughshod over their culture and beliefs…sure, this a-hole killed a lion, but did so much more than that!!!!

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  4. Trophy hunting sounds brutal. It’s unfortunate that his family and the employees are caught in this cross-fire and have to suffer for his lack of humanity. I don’t know him personally but I don’t think people with an ounce of humanity would showcase carcasses to soothe their ego.

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  5. For all y’all that are talking about “Ugly Americans” I just want to point out that trophy hunting (even in Africa) has been a sport of the rich and powerful long before America as a country was a twinkle in Europe’s eye. This is not a new thing. It’s not a good thing, but it is far from new. Don’t go spouting that “Ugly American” BS because it’s far from an American thing.

    And where has this outrage been all of these centuries? Where? Why now? Why this guy? He must have proven to be an easy target. Trophies have been lining the walls of the rich and famous for centuries. Some breeds of tigers have been hunted to extinction (look it up), as have some breeds of elephants. Cheetahs are nearly gone because we as humans just have to live where they live, and this guy gets to be a scapegoat? Why? Because he posted his hunt on social media? Everyone must be very proud of their righteous indignation against this one guy. Bravo.

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    • I’m sure it has a lot to do what social media has become… There were a couple of pics of trophy hunters on social media lately, the girl with the giraffe, guys with rhino and elephant. He made the mistake of luring the lion out of the protected area and shoot an animal wearing a collar… And maybe it was just time for people to be fed up… I agree on the “Ugly American”. It’s not important what nationality he has.


  6. Unfortunately, media will do what they do best – sensationalize a story. Since Cecil was part of a study, he has received worldwide attention. Had he been any other wild animal in Africa, his cruel death probably would have gone unnoticed. It is really sad that an ‘educated’ man, like the dentist, felt a need to cruelly, and unfairly hunt down the king of the jungle, for his pure enjoyment. In my opinion, trophy hunters are sickening. Yes, the Zimbabwean economy is horrifying, and people rely on dollars to feed them, which makes it far too easy for the rich and ruthless to wield their power to get what they want. Sad times. Animal conservation is important, not only for the animals, but also for our planet. It’s the only one we’ve got, so we should take better care of it!

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