Dragon’s Loyalty Award – The Second


Thank you so much, Rob, for nominating me for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. It’s the second time I’m honored to accept this award. Have you every thought about how cool it would be to actually be able to train a dragon? To be able to partner up with this majestic, powerful and most probably scary creature? How amazing would it feel to fly on its back, head up high, way over the clouds…

So what does this award really mean? Let me quote what Rob wrote on his blog:

“This is an award for those essential members of the blogging world who make an effort to read, comment and interact with other bloggers. Among these activities are re-blogging a post that they think will be of interest to other readers, using other social media to promote the posts that they feel are interesting enough to share-and just being damned good people.”

It’s for loyal, inspiring people, who care enough to comment on your posts, support, follow and inspire you as a blogger.

Time to focus on the rules of this award (I was surprised to see that they are slightly different this time compared to the last time I’ve accepted this award…):

° Put the logo on your post Done
° Thank the blogger who nominated you Done
° Share 5 facts about yourself
° Nominate 5-10 bloggers

Ah those facts… it gets more and more tricky to come up with a random fact I haven’t shared just yet… let’s see…

  1. I’ve just finished decorating the living room. It’s Swiss National Day today and of course we celebrate it here in Australia as well. We might even head to a celebration tomorrow afternoon… and the funny thing is that this Swiss National Day celebration is organized by the Austrian Club… Only in Australia 😉
  2. My favorite song at the moment is Selena Gomez’s Good For You… not sure what to make of this.
  3. I’ve cut my hair short twice in my life and I would not do it again…
  4. I like to walk bare feet when inside our home (or in socks if it’s too cold)
  5. Right now I’m looking forward to a lazy rest of the afternoon

Last time I’ve actually nominated bloggers for this award. It becomes really difficult to pick someone out. Therefor I do it again and decide that this is like a blog party. In order to do it right let me define some simple rules for my blog dragon party:

  • If you are a follower of my blog, have previously commented on my post(s) and you decide to participate in this, consider yourself nominated for this award.
  • In order to accept this award I’d like you to nominate one blogger you consider the most loyal follower of your blog for this award and mention this blog in the comments.

I can’t wait to read your comments.

Thanks again, Rob, for nominating me. Thank you all for your support, every single one of you who have ever commented on one of my posts, for your reblogs and the inspiration I gain from you.

29 thoughts on “Dragon’s Loyalty Award – The Second

  1. Congratulations! Loved the way you wrote-up your award acceptance post. You made it fun to read, and you played with the rules! I just got nominated for this award a few days ago, and I plan on bending the rules too! Christine

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  2. Thank you for accepting the post. I genuinely respect you. For reasons that most people who read my work understand, I have a real respect for women who place their children’s future first. Mother’s who mother, doctor’s who doctor, people who respect the power they have over the lives of other people.

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