Anniversary Coming Up – Party With Me!

I can’t believe that it will soon be a year since this blog came to life. A year of daily posting and connecting with inspiring people all over this planet. I know it’s early, as it’s not a proper anniversary just yet. But I figured I might celebrate already today. Celebrate in the form of reflecting on what this blog is all about and what it was intended to be about. Maybe even thinking about how I would introduce me today, almost a year after I’ve introduced myself to my readers for the first time.

When I started with A Momma’s View all I wanted is getting back into writing, check if I could stick to a daily writing or posting routine over a long period. I had no clear idea about what I would write about. Well, I kind of did but I could not just put it in one word. There was no this will be a lifestyle blog. Or this will be a mommy blog. No this will be an expat blog or a SAHM blog. I couldn’t claim that this will be your typical homeschooling blog either. And yet it’s all of it, just slightly different. There was not intention on posting quotes or funny facts. All I wanted was to write about what goes through my mind. Things that make me happy, things that bother me, things that make me angry. I was hoping to inspire people, instead I got inspired by other bloggers.

I guess I cannot really change who I am. I’m still a mom, a wife, a woman approaching her mid 40’s. I love my children to bits and find my peace in nature. I don’t like judgmental people and yet I do judge from time to time too.

I look back on 11 months of blogging and it puts a smile on my face. It was not always easy. Sometimes the inspiration seemed lost and my head felt empty but then I headed out and read other bloggers’ posts and there it was. The inspiration was back, there were ideas in my head, things I wanted to write about. Feelings that had to be put out there.

Will I continue like this? I sure hope so. I grew over the last year. I feel confident writing and expressing myself and it’s all because of the feedback I got from all of you out there. The blogging community treated me very well and I’m happy to be a part of it. Here’s to another (at least) 11 months of blogging, sharing our thoughts and inspiring and be inspired.

To celebrate in style I figured I would invite you all to party with me! 

  • Share a link to your favorite post on your blog in the comments. 
  • Short intro of your blog won’t hurt.
  • Please don’t forget to check out posts that have been shared in the comments already, to keep it fair. After all you want to meet new bloggers too, right?

Happy blogging and thank you all for your support and your inspiration πŸ™‚

78 thoughts on “Anniversary Coming Up – Party With Me!

  1. I find that blogging is often more than we expect it to be. Congratulations on your first year. My son just started homeschooling last year. He’s going into 8th grade now. My daughter still goes to brick and mortar. I’d like her to have that experience through elementary before making her decision. Anyway, glad we are friends now and I am looking forward to hearing your opinions on homeschooling in your blogs. Personally, after a bit of a struggle through the first year, I’m glad we made the switch for my son but each child is different.

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  3. Auch ich wΓΌnsche dir alles Gute zu dem 1. Geburtstag deines Blogs. Ich bin immer wieder erstaunt, wie du es schaffst, so viel zu schreiben, obwohl du bestimmt noch tausend andere Dinge tag tΓ€glich tun musst. Respekt! MΓΆgest du noch viel Inspiration bekommen, um noch lange weiterzuschreiben!

    Liebe Grüße aus Wien,


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  4. Congratulations πŸ™‚ I turned one a few days back – Time sure seems to have flown! And I am with you – I initially started out to reflect upon myself by writing my thoughts. I had not anticipated the crazy inspiration that I was going to draw from the community. I hope to see you around for a long time! Cheers

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  5. Congratulations on your near 1 year anniversary! Nice of you to throw a party for us, I can’t wait to go visit some of the other guests. I give you some virtual flowers and a box of chocolate on the occasion.

    I’m Maja a 29 year old from Norway my blog is called the thoughts and life of me and that is what i blog about πŸ˜‰ I want to share a post I recently posted on going for a walk in my old neighbourhood:

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  6. Congratulations on the Blogiversary!!! So glad we could be here to share this with you! Cheers and to many more years!!!
    I blog over at about life, the universe and everything with a lot of humour.
    I enjoy reading your posts, especially about homeschooling as I’ve home-educated my son with Asperger’s for many years.
    I wish you a wonderful day and continued enjoyment. πŸ™‚
    Here’s my latest post after I returned from a short break
    All the best, always! πŸ™‚

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  7. Congratulations!!! I loved following you and watching you grow. You have inspired others!!!!

    I am approaching my year anniversary as well!! I started my blog to mend my heart by writing about and sharing my experiences of healing. And I wanted to fill a creative hole in my life. It’s been great so far!!!

    Following is a favorite post from last month. Thx for letting me share πŸ’•πŸ’•
    My Mother . . . myself | Bare Naked in Public

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  8. Sandra, congratulations on your almost one year blog anniversary! So nice to throw a party and invite all of us! A new feature on my Welcome Page is a Featured Photo from the photo gallery. The photo is the HEADER. This week is Timothy Price, photographer and blogger friend. You can check out his sunrise here –

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  9. Congrats on your blogging anniversary!

    I run a weekly updated geek and game themed food blog called Skill Up Skillet. The kitchen is my battleground and each recipe I conquer (video game style, of course) helps me grind out my cooking skills to the next level. There’s plenty of humor and sarcasm to be had. Probably you’ll even learn something.

    Here’s one of my favorites, a Minecraft TNT Cake, complete with a lit ‘fuse’:

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  10. Congratulations Momma. I cannot believe you have only been blogging for a year as you come across as if you have been doing it for years! You are really inspirational to us all with what you have achieved, and the way you always have time to help others out. Happy anniversary to you, and I am so glad I found your blog and count you as one of my friends πŸ™‚

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  11. I appreciate the other places I have been directed to through your blog since I also like to connect like-minded people. Mazel tov on your progress to date and keep it up. Meanwhile, one of these days my blog(s) may be robust enough, and I may even learn how, to insert a link to my favorite post.πŸ’Œ

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    • Thank you. Inserting a link is actually not as difficult as it seems. Just copy the link in your browser window. Then either simply paste it into your post or highlight whichever word you want people to get you to the post (like “my favorite post”) and then click the icon that looks sort of like a 8 in your edit window. A small window should pop up in which you can paste the link you copied prior. And that’s it.

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