Blast From The Past – Imagine Peace!

Some might call it a pipe dream. I call it… well… maybe a pipe dream but also hope, imagination, not giving up. I think sometimes it’s important to imagine how it could be. Imagine how this world would be without war, without terrorism, without aggression and hate. Here a little blast from my blogging past…

Just a couple of thoughts inspired by a post of Artist4peace:

Imagine Peace! Wow, what a beautiful place this earth would be…

Imagine if everyone would get along with each other… Would that be nice?

Imagine if we would find a way to make it happen. Finally. How amazing would that be!

Imagine if we would respect each other, no matter of our religion, the color of our skin, the believes we follow, the way we look, we act, we think, we move. Imagine we would respect each other for WHO we are. How much fun could we all have!

PeaceReadying papers, magazines, blogs, watching TV, listening to the radio and I feel like they all say the same: Imagine how nice this world would be, if we all would live in peace.

So why is it, that it is not happening? Why is it, that we still fight those wars, that we still go on rampages and kill? Why is it, that we still don’t respect different believes, different religions, different looks, different behaviors and so on?

If we all want to live in a better world, if we all want to feel safe, how can it be, that we still don’t all pull on the same rope. And in the same direction?

It would be so easy! The solution is there, right in front of our nose!

How about we all start with respect. Respect for the people around us. Respect for everything we consider different. How about we built “the next level” on respect: Acceptance. How about we live these two simple but so powerful words daily. And how about we teach them to our kids. Respect and accept other people for who they are.

Is it really that simple? It kind of seems like it, right? But then it doesn’t.

If only it would be that simply. The world would have turned into a better place a long time ago already…

I guess the key is not to give up. Keep teaching your kids those values and keep living them. And maybe one day our kids might actually see the change and will hopefully be able to live in a peaceful world…

How nice would that be 🙂

11 thoughts on “Blast From The Past – Imagine Peace!

  1. Gee Momma, if I can accept do I really have to respect them, too? For instance, I can accept that some people think gay marriage should not be legal because they think that behavior is an abomination based on their reading of the Bible (which I haven’t read myself). I don’t respect them or at least this opinion of theirs because I think they’re ignoring the legal ramifications that adversely effect homosexual couples like visitation rights if one partner is on life support in a hospital or the availability of the family court system to render decisions in case of divorces and most importantly insurance and inheritance rights granted to legally married spouses.

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    • Oh I so see your point. There are opinions out there that we can’t understand (like the one you just mentioned). I guess we have to accept that people have different opinions. That we can’t just force ours onto them. As much as I don’t want their opinion forces on me. Do we have to respect them? As human beings… In a way we do. Do I accept and respect what’s done in the Faroe Islands (slaughtering of the grind whales)? Hell no! Tricky, isn’t it?…

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