Mites – Did You Know…

… That we all have tiny mites living on our eyelashes?

Although I feel really close to nature and think everything has its reason this actually makes me shiver… And then I wonder how they feel like when we put mascara on… what do we do to them… maybe someone could make a comic out of that… The attack of the mascara… or something…

25 thoughts on “Mites – Did You Know…

    • I was just reading about these. Most people have them, and provided they’re not there in excessive numbers, we have a symbiotic relationship with them – they help remove dirt and debris from our eyelids. But they can also cause or exacerbate eye infections, if they exist in large numbers. Never sleep in eye make-up, and wash your eyelids with “no tears” baby shampoo. Rub a bit of tea tree oil around your eyelids (careful not to get it into your eyes). If you have symptoms of them, you may also need to buy new pillows, as they can reinfest your eyelids. They can also live on your pets, and reinfest you.

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