One Word Photo Challenge – Snow

There is no snowflake that looks like another one. They’re all unique, they’re all special. In a way just like we are. They are beautiful and I’d even say magical. I grew up in a ski resort so snow means many things for me. It means being busy but also a lot of outdoor fun. It means being cold but also drinking hot chocolate and eating cheese fondue. It means hearing the snow grind under your feet and having snowball fights. It means freezing fingers and toes, and trying to catch a snowflake with your tongue.

And for those of you who wonder: Yes, there’s snow in Australia. In fact we have some pretty awesome ski resorts down here and skiing is a lot of fun. It still fascinates me to ski amongst gum trees…

Forces Of Nature4Australia Snow

Inspired by Jennifer Nichole Well’s One Word Photo Challenge – Snow

38 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge – Snow

  1. I’m a big fan of snowflakes myself. If you’ve never looked at the book “The little Book of Snowflakes” by Kenneth Libbrecht, some of you fans might like it. It’s only pictures of “individual” snow flakes. Also find him at Wilson Bentley (1865-1931) was a Vermont farmer who devoted his life to snowflakes. He made snowflake photography his life-long passion, eventually capturing some 5000 images on old-style photographic plates.

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  2. Love the photos! It’s a side of Australia that we don’t see too often. I also loved your words on growing up in the snow. What a great setting. Would make for some wonderful stories…hint hint. 😉

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