Momma’s Out There

Yes, I am! Totally!

I’m currently refreshing my skills by taking part in blogging101 again and it has been fun so far. Yesterday was all about blogging events which I find pretty cool. Today it’s about branding. This word has always slightly scared me as I thought branding would be too much for my blog.

I do understand that my blog is kind of like a brand. But then it doesn’t feel like it to me. Anyway. Reading through the pointers I had to admit that my blog ticks a couple of those boxes and it happened just like that.

I just figured before I let you know where I am at, I tell you a little bit more about a little (blog) event I’m currently running. In a way it’s not really a blog event, as it’s not really happening on my blog. But it’s related to my blog. So everyone can sign up if you are interested:

Do you crave some extra inspiration and motivation in your life at the moment? Sign up for “Momma’s 21 Days Of Inspiration” to receive a daily email with an inspiring thought starting August 17th.

To sign up simply send an email to with the subject line “Momma’s 21 Days Of Inspiration”.

Yep, it has started last Monday but you can still sign up. And you will get all 21 of my messages still.

So back to the branding and being out there: Did you know that you can find me on Facebook as well? Scroll down and find the direct link to it in my sidebar. Or to make it simple just head over here: and I’m on Twitter too!

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