Party’s Far From Being Over Yet

Look at that! My party is still going! And I actually have one more reason to party: I got another nomination for the Liebster Award. Thank you so much, Telle, for nominating me for this award. As I’ve done a couple of awards over the last couple of days I decided to simply answer the questions asked to me and then extend the invite for all of you to participate in my little blogger party (check it out here) in order to get yourself a blogger award and introduce your blog to my other readers.

The party is still going on, so don’t miss out!

So here are the questions asked to me and my answers:

  1. What are your top makeup and clothing brands?
    I’m the wrong person to ask that as I only really use Mascara on a daily base. It’s a Lancome one. Clothing: No specific brand for my normal clothing. I buy what I like. When it comes to workout gear I prefer Lululemon.
  2. What is your absolute favorite part about blogging?
    The exchange with others
  3. What do you find difficult about blogging?
    That I can’t write about everything (but that’s my personal issue, as I set the boundaries…)
  4. Disney fan? If so, favorite movie/song?
    Yes, I am. I think they are awesome! Inside Out is my favorite.
  5. When/why did you begin blogging?
    Just about a year ago. I wanted to get back into writing.
  6. What is your goal for your blog? I want it to be a happy place. It has its own “life” and developed so far into something I really enjoy but never thought it would be. I’m curious to see where it will head…
  7. Any holy grail products?
    Nope… not really…
  8. If you had to place yourself in a stereotypical high school clique (nerd, jock, goth, etc.) where would you put yourself?
    Not a goth… not a jock… not a nerd… and I’ve never been in the most popular group either but I was in the group of people everyone seemed to like (at least I think so…)
  9. Any amazing blogs I am missing out on?
    Just check out the comments in my blogger party post. There are some really great ones!
  10. Do you like to cook/bake? If so, any favorite dishes?
    Oh yes! I love to cook and bake. I cook a lot but I’d say my favorite (special) dish to cook is venison with Spätzle (german/swiss dumbling style side dish). I love to make all kind of salads and pasta dishes. My family would probably say that my brownies are awesome.

I’d like to pass these questions on to everyone who participate in the blogger party and comments there too. If you participate in my blogger mix and mingle then feel free to chose which of the awards you like to accept (Entertaining Blogger Award or Liebster Award) or if you’d like to accept both.

Please comment on the original post if you’d like to introduce your blog and check out the award there too.

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