My Picks Of The Week #34

When I first started posting my picks of the week it was about highlighting posts I really enjoyed reading but also to create a list of thought provoking texts for me. I recently went back and browsed the lists of posts I’ve created last year and read a couple of them. They still do, what they did back then: Inspire me and make me think. I hope you enjoy this little list. Have a great weekend 🙂

The Dress Rehearsal
An interesting point to see it. Really thought provoking…

Such deep thoughts coming from such a young girl. There’s hope for the future 😉

But I smile anyway
Who would have thought… I thought that was incredibly interesting and check out the comments too, there more information in there too…

She Writes
And interesting post about feminism… or maybe how we see it…

Coach Daddy
“To die for her would be to let her down in a way…” Great post and an interesting take on it…

Me – Who am I?
The result from how one thought and a comment on it leads to another and keeps going…

If you’d like to check out my previous picks, head over here.

16 thoughts on “My Picks Of The Week #34

  1. As you know, (at least I hope you do!), that I love you blogs and these ‘pick of the weeks’.
    I too constantly look out for those certain posts which ‘touch’ me, connect with me in some way and by doing so stand out from the overwhelming humdrum of the norm, perhaps you would like to read some of these? If you would this is the link. I would like to know your opinion, Thanks, Paul.

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