In The Future

Just got challenged to play a fun little game here. Thanks, Rob, for nominating me for the ‘In The Future Challenge’ (I guess that’s the name, right?). I said a couple of times that I would prefer not to time travel even if it would be possible, not to the past and also not into the future. But this is different. It’s about where you see yourself and your family in the future. In a way it’s like setting goals (to the point where you can influence it…). Let’s play!

To the rules:

  • Thank the bloggers who nominated you. Done πŸ™‚
  • Link back to the challenge creator, Carolina and Yesterday After so she can track your progress. There we go…
  • Share 5 things about your future (jobs, kids, marriage, travel etc). Then one day you can look Β back and find out how psychic you really are. Alright then…
  • Tag 5 bloggers and put them up to the challenge.

In the future…

… I will still be a healthy and happy wife of my healthy and happy husband.
… I will travel with my family (and hopefully their families) to really great places all over this planet.
… I will be proud of what we have achieved.
… I will still enjoy a good glass of wine and good food in good company.
… I will be a very proud mom of our healthy and happy children.

I’m really looking forward on what you are going to look forward to, my dear nominees:

Erika Kind
But I smile Anyway…
All In A Dad’s Work

Maybe I’ll get to ride a dragon in my future too… that would be fun, actually. Speaking of dragon’s: I’ve been nominated by Sandra J. Jackson for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award, an award I really appreciate for the meaning it has. Also for what a dragon stands for. As I’ve done quite a few award nominations in the last couple of days (thank you all so so much again) I’d like to just take an easy way out and leave it with the thank you note to Sandra this time. Please head over and check out her blog.

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