Finish It! #27 – Everything’s Changing

PeaceShe looked out the tiny airplane window, watched how the airport was speeding by and then how the buildings, cars, trees became smaller and smaller. She was holding on to her husbands hand and with the other hand caressing her little boys cheek. She thought this would be easier. She didn’t expect it to hurt and she didn’t expect to tear up. But in a way it was hurting. She knew this would be left behind for good. Her life as she knew it to this day was about to change. A new adventure was waiting for her and her family.

Everything was about to change. Her life would be different from now on. Far away from her family and friends and everything she knew. She thought she would be exited and happy. Happy about being so far away from everything that was difficult in the past and ready to start over somewhere new, somewhere different. And still it was strange.

Deep inside of her she could feel the up-rooting. The breakup with the life she used to live until now. As much as it made her happy it also made her realize that she was about to detach from everything she was familiar with.


She looked at her husband and her son. The most important people in her life were here. Right next to her. Ready for this adventure and ready to build on a life that was meant to be theirs. She kissed her son and then looked deep in her husbands eyes.

“Thank you!”

“For what?”

“For finally making me grow up for real…”

“I have to thank you,” he said.

“For what?”

“For always believing in me and for being here with me.”

It was then when she knew that everything would be fine. She had everything she needed. And no matter where they would move to and what life would hold for them in the future, she knew she could always count on him.

In response to Author SB Mazing’s Blog Event Finish It! #27

16 thoughts on “Finish It! #27 – Everything’s Changing

  1. I can imagine this story as happening, when you left your country and became an expat and I can follow this story so very much, from I left my country by same reason. Adventure yes, but also other feelings.

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  2. Similar feelings for me when buying the boat……… a whole different lifestyle, change and ‘adventure’ in there somewhere, but the important thing was we were all together, hubby, dog and me. That’s my family. 🙂

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