Migrants? How About a Rethink?

I’ve seen this picture before and every single time I see it, I feel pain in my heart. It’s the horror for every parent to realize that your family, your children, are in danger. All you want for them is to be safe. And that’s what you will try to do. You will always try to keep them safe. No matter what it takes…

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To those who attack ‘migrants’ online. Please take a few moments out of your day to really look at this photograph. And rethink.

syrian family feeling the war

Here is a father fleeing the war in Syria, crying whilst cradling his children.

Should he stop searching for a place of safety for his young family and take the children back into the war-zone?

What do you think he should do? What would you do in his situation?


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8 thoughts on “Migrants? How About a Rethink?

  1. I was that child. My father was that father. We had to escape from Ex-Yugoslawia after they had killed almost all of my family members. It’s nit that we wanted to steal a job from somebody abroad, to take their home, to disturb their happy lives… It’s not that we had a choice. Or a plan. It’s not that we expected to get money in another state without doing anything for it. It’s not that we wanted to go.
    When we arrived we had no shelter for weeks. We were those dirty and stinky homeless refugees, sleeping in a park. They looked at us with disgust. They didn’t know my father was the former head of a big hospital and my mother head of a big company. They didn’t know we were once richer than most of them would ever be. They had no clue that a month before somebody tried to shoot me in the head. They just saw parasites when they looked at us.
    Today I am a scientist and my brother is a doctor. He saves their lives. I do research on their diseases. We work all day and all night to make their lives better, to save them from the smallest health issues. And we love our jobs. We chose them in the fields where there’s a lack of their experts. We chose them to not steal what they love, but offer what they need. It’s part of saying thank you.
    But I do think about it a lot, still. There are times I still feel their eyes on me when introducing myself. There are times all they feel for me is still the same disgust like when I slept in that park twenty years ago.

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      • You can never fully recover from this. They found work and invested all their strength to help us kids to feel like we’re “at home”, to provide us with food and education and make healthy adults out of us.
        They are well integrated in the society, most people love them but of course they will never fit in completely and all my life I will have that feeling that a big part of them died when we left.

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  2. Deeply moving and piercingly powerful… It is very easy to criticize and complain until we stand in their shoes. Everything is easily said and done unless we ourselves become refugees and gets driven from our motherland… a great blog

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