My Picks Of The Week #35

Another week has passed and for me it seems like it’s time to move into another season as well. Can’t wait for spring to finally arrive down here. I hope you enjoy my little list of blog posts I’ve enjoyed reading this week. Happy weekend and keep smiling :-).

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I’d like to share a link to a post I’ve just read with you. I love the story! How very inspirational!

Never Less Than Everything
A beautiful and truly inspiring story…

Once Upon Your Prime
Some great party ideas 🙂

Jsack’s Mom’s Blog
How about we remember what we are thankful for

Isn’t it crazy how important your body seems to be? The way we look? How we are too skinny or too thick, too tall or too small.. Does it really matter?

Author Erika Kind
You definitely need to feel it..
and please also read this amazing post.

Dream Big, Dream Often
I bet you’ve told yourself at least one of those lies too at one point…

Not only is the song playing in my ears but the words are spinning in my head (in a good way)…

I just had a look at the list again and almost spit out my coffee laughing…

So many reasons to do yoga…

Grubbs n Critters
The songs that stick to you and how great if it’s such a wonderful one…

Me – Who am I?
Honestly, I don’t mind my age at all although I’m sometimes surprised how far into the 40’s I ventured already. Time flies… But I think I age well and I don’t feel like I’m “old” at all. So I guess it really comes down to how you deal with it…

Pass It On
A Blog I got introduced to and I recommend checking out. I did not link to a specific post as the couple I’ve seen so far were all pretty great. So just browse…

Head over here to check out my previous picks of the week.

21 thoughts on “My Picks Of The Week #35

  1. Oh wow Sandra thank you for bestowing this honour of being one of your picks of the week! Reading that just made my day and I will check out the others you have chosen as well. 😃

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  3. Wow, so thrilled to be picked and what good company to be in, not only the picks, but the blogger as well! 🙂
    Yes, that song got in my head this week and the only way to purge it was to share it…if it helps, it didn’t fully work, it’s still wandering around in my brain too. 🙂
    Thank you so much for this honour and hope this weekend treats you kindly. 🙂

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  4. I am completely behind on my gratitude–please forgive me! Truly a thrill to be mentioned here amongst these other gems and by the jewel herself. May we all continue to sparkle in the blogosphere together.

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