Blast From The Past – Feeling Numb

“The killer of Melbourne schoolgirl Masa Vukotic had an extensive history of violence against women and, the ABC understands, was out on bail at the time of the attack.”

This is how an article I’ve read yesterday started. And it makes me not only numb but also sick. When you continue reading it gets even worse and you start wondering what the justice system is really about… I’ve written a post about this a couple of months ago but reading this text stirs so many things in me yet again. How can it be? How can it be that criminals like him walk among us, like a ticking time bomb ready to do damage whenever they please to do?

The women he has previously raped or assaulted and Masa Vukotic will not have a second chance to a normal life. They will not have the chance for a plea hearing or for there sentence to be cut short. Masa Vukotic for sure doesn’t. Her family is grieving the loss of this young girl. And why? Because a sick pervert was left walking free although he should have been detained or supervised. Again I think that this is a life lost that could have been protected if the system would have done the right thing. And again I hope that lessons will be learned and things will be done differently in the future. Who knows…

The following post was written end of March 2015

Last week a 17 year old girl got murdered in one of Melbourne’s suburbs. The murderer handed himself into police after he… wait for it… raped a woman in a Christian bookshop… But that was not all…

Not only did he stab this young girl to death, raped this woman but he also (all apparently in a 24 hour window) stole a mobile phone and attempted a carjacking of an elderly man. And when in the police car he flicks the finger…

So here we are. A 17 year old schoolgirl who just wanted to have a peaceful walk in a park is no longer amongst us. The killer sits (at this stage) behind bars. It has been said by police that parks are not safe for women.

And I wonder… I wonder for how long this guy will sit behind bar. I wonder when he will be released, either on parole or maybe given a little break from prison. I wonder how long until he goes out there and abuses or kills again.

And while I sit here and wonder about him, I also think of the girls family…

How can you possibly deal with something like this? How can deal with the fact that your girl is no longer here, her life taken by a crazy person, who seems to not have any remorse. A person who was know to the police before. How can you possible deal with the fact, that he will one day be out again, walking around, enjoying his peace, while your girl can’t anymore. While she is gone.

How can you forgive? Can you forgive? Should you forgive?

How can you accept the fact that the only thing you can do is watch in court and accept the decision of the jury and the judge? How can you possibly deal with that? Over the last weeks, months and years too many of those criminals were out of prison too soon. Too many got out and did it all over again, causing another family and shear unbearable loss.

Second chances… I don’t understand… I do understand… I don’t know anymore what to think about it… All those women, those girls, those kids, all of them, they don’t get a second chance. They are gone. Their lives have been taken. Their last moments in this world were filled with panic and pain. And the people who caused it get a second, third, fourth, fifth and so on chance.

I feel numb. And I am not even personally involved. But it makes me feel numb to say the least.

So this is to all the women, girls, kids, who never got a second chance. To all those women whose names were the headlines of the media for days until they slowly but surely disappeared. You are not forgotten. I mention two names here. If you like and remember other women or men or girls or boys, feel free to put their names in the comments.

I hope one day, pedophiles, rapists and murderers will stay behind bars forever…

This is for you:

Jill Meagher
Masa Vukovic
Adeline M. (the Swiss therapeutic who was sent out to drive the rapist and murderer to his therapeutic horseback riding… she was sent on her own… with a repetitive offender… I wonder what the responsible people were thinking…)

14 thoughts on “Blast From The Past – Feeling Numb

  1. It’s a flaw that’s repeated around the world. It says a lot about our justice system and who represents humanity – the perpetrator always seems to have more rights than the victims these days. Something has to change.

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  2. They were thinking what a very sweet, polite, intelligent, gentle man he is and how he is obviously sooooo remorseful… a changed man… They were all puffed up with pride at the wonderfully compassionate way they were “rehabilitating” him and how great he was doing…. The story is always the same, these monsters are masters of manipulation, I’ve heard similar things said by those who tell me my childhood monsters are “safe” now. It makes me physically sick.

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    • Sickening, isn’t it! Some never change… Never! Maybe they don’t get caught anymore because they are smarter… Or they are just waiting… A ticking time bomb ready to blow when the moment comes…

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