How You Grow

By chance I can tick off all of it. Some simple points to make the ride even more interesting, don’t you think so too?

It’s true that we can only see the world really by stepping out of our comfort zone. We can only grow by doing something we are not accustomed to.

We can only collect those puzzle pieces to complete our puzzle of life by reaching out, by venturing out, by discovering new things. It’s definitely something I’d like to teach my children.

This quote combines so many parts of my family’s life. By having moved around this globe we’ve become citizens of this world, even though we’ve only really lived in two countries. We’ve met all kind of different people and we heard and speak different languages. And there’s still so much more to discover. Who says it will stop there? The doors are open. Once you’ve done that first step the next one becomes easier.

It brushes on the subject of homeschooling, as I always say that my kids mix and mingle with every age and not just their age. Their school-ground is everything that’s out there and they mix and mingle with everyone they meet.

I’m often amazed how fast children overcome the “language barrier” and how easy they make contact with others, no matter what social background, what heritage or education the others have. It’s the innocent approach of “it doesn’t matter”. All that matters is that the other person seems nice.

What an amazing world we live in. And there’s so much more to discover. I truly love what’s said in this quote…

18 thoughts on “How You Grow

  1. I experienced that same thing with my daughter when we moved to Buffalo. She was 3 and did not speak a word English but she after only days she was outside playing with the kids and had fun. It is so true, growth happens when we step out of our comfort zone.

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  2. Great quote! I am fortunate to say that I do all of this almost every day of the week. We should never limit ourselves to people who are similar to us. How will we ever learn different perspectives if we isolate ourselves from different people. This brought to memory something I heard recently that’s been on my mind a lot lately…”Peoples’ perception of the world is solely based on what they surround themselves with.” Maybe I’ll write a post about that.

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