Letting Go

They say that if you let go you create space for something new maybe even for something better. How wonderful is that? I guess it’s right. You let go of something, someone. In doing so you make sure that you no longer think of it or the person. You are no longer focused on whatever you let go. And that definitely makes room for something new.

There are many examples which would prove that theory. Just think of a relationship. We were in love with that one person. Everything we did was in a way connected to that person. Every thought was probably related to that person. The world turns around the person we are in love with. And suddenly that person is gone. It hurts and although the person is physically no longer there he or she still takes up an immense part of our life.

Our heart is heavy, we think about that person constantly, think about what we might have done wrong, what the person had done wrong. Maybe we think about what we could have done better. And maybe we still hope. Hope for the person to come back and be part of our life again. But it doesn’t happen.

And we stick to that person. We don’t let go.

It does not only happen in relationships. It also happens in friendships. Maybe even with family, or a job. We hang on to what we love. And we don’t want to see it go.

I remember someone telling me years ago that in order for someone or something to return you have to let go first. Back then I thought it was just one of those nice things you say to people who are sad. Today I know how much truth is actually in this little sentence.

As long as you cling onto something it will never be free, as long as you do that you will never be free. In order for something to return you have to let go first. Back then I thought if I let this person go he might come back to me. Little did I know that by letting go of him I opened myself up for someone new. For someone better.

I guess that’s what it’s all about. Don’t hang yourself up on that person, that job, the house, the car or whatever it is. Get out of that tunnel vision. If you can no longer have it then let it go. By doing this you will realize how much more is out there. How many more opportunities are actually out there, waiting for you to grab them.

30 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. I get what you mean, opening ourselves up for possibility…I find that hard to do but I remind myself everyday that unless I am willing to let go I will never know what can be possible. Thanks for this one

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      • Thanks so much will do, but it is so great knowing that around the world we deal and heal the same..got to love humanity. Thank you for the connect

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  2. I can confirm this from top to bottom. We so hope that the person comes back. We try to explain and to understand. But it doesn’t happen. Once we are ready to let go, miracles happen. We stared at the closed door, were pulling on that door knob and got completely exhausted. The moment we let go we take the heavyness from everything and let it fly. We finally turn around to see where to go now, and there it is. That shining light, shining all the time, We just didn’t see it, because of the shadow we ourselve made when it shone on our back. Have been there this year, was one of the toughtest lessons to learn. But the blessing came right away. We need to let go in order to have open hands to hold something new.
    I scheduled a Thank You post today. It is addressed to that certain person and it shows the importance of what was in order to give something new the chance to become.

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  3. I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently..tunnel vision or having a broader outlook. On one hand, that focus can really bring about success but I’m not so sure it’s healthy success. We need balance.
    I am not very good at letting go but sometimes we have to ride the wave and just wait and see where it takes us. Terrifying but usually rewarding! xx Rowena

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