My Picks Of The Week #38

Time for My Picks Of The Week again already. Any big plans for the weekend? I hope you will enjoy the posts I’ve picked out this time. Have a happy weekend you all 🙂

Serial monography: forgottenman’s ruminations
And that’s what blogging does. You inspire each other by remarks, comments you make. Please also ready the response to this post…

See, there’s a thing called biology…
So many great points, especially about making a point about dehumanizing each other…

It’s good to hear that things come together. Keep going…

Atypical 60
Might feel as if there is no room for us un-20ies anymore. But hey: It’s still fun to be older ;-

Celona’s Blog
How much do you share?

We all could do with less hate…

So Bad Ass
Do you do that too? Do you apologize for everything too?

Estelea’s Blog
Oh the moment you realize your mom was right…

Just enjoy who you are and where you are in your life…

Trending Stylist
All it takes is to walk up to someone and tell that person that we think they’re doing a great job or that they are aweseome…

Edwina’s Episodes
Glad that some people are the way they are…

Great teachers are very valuable…

Homemade Naturally
Always happy for some good tips on how to improve my life…

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