Started The Climb Up

Just about ten days ago I’ve mentioned how much I struggle with my workouts. Not with the routine! Oh no! With the actual workout. After being away from my regular workout for way too long it felt like standing on the bottom of a mountain, not sure if and how I will ever get back up there. Up where I used to be, climbing with a certain ease before I had to stop training while it now suddenly felt like impossible to even do the first step.

I knew it would be hard. I knew my body would have lost strength, fitness. And still it hit me hard. The good thing is: I did not give up. I could have and I thought about it for a brief little moment. But I didn’t. Ten days later I can say that I’ve started my climb up and that my pace is slowly getting stronger and faster and more confident.

I’m back. Yes I am! Although I have to every now and then stop my workout to take an extra breath, they start feeling better day by day and I’m already back following the schedule I’m supposed to, after having made the decision last week to adjust it for the first week.

It seems like the body bounces back quicker than I’ve thought it would. As I said, I still need to pause every now and then to give me that extra break but I’m no longer sore for two days and to a point where it actually almost hurts. I’m not shaking anymore after I’m done with the workout. It feels like although I’ve lost the strength and the “stamina” there’s still that muscle memory. My body seems to know what it’s expected to do and how to cope with it, although I considered myself a beginner again.

While last week I was scared of my workout and what could possibly be the aftermath I’m now back to looking forward to it. And this is so enormously motivating. Now please excuse me, I have a date with my trainer πŸ˜‰

29 thoughts on “Started The Climb Up

  1. you are so motivating. it almost kinda sorta makes me want to use my elliptical more. oh, and I liked the vid. I could sit there for hours and watch her work out. πŸ˜‰

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