17 thoughts on “Exercise And Music – Did You Know…

  1. Sounds right to me. I always get a better, more intense workout when listening to music. It’s got to be the right type of music though. Get a slow song and you’ll only get depressed. The tunes have to be energized.

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  2. No doubt it’s true, but I do not want to be hooked up to anything while working out. Baby Boomer preference I think! If outside, I like the quiet of nature. If inside on the treadmill or elliptical, I read on my kindle. I used to watch the early morning news when working out, but since I retired I don’t have to get up as early 🙂

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    • You have a good point there. I do listen to music when I’m running. Sometimes though I like to not do it. And it’s never loud. I want to still be able to hear what’s going on around me.

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    • I like to read magazines while riding my recumbent bike in the basement. I recently re-discovered books on tape (or more properly on CDs) and found that listening to some good stories took my mind off the time while making a routine (one I’ve done many times) long drive while still allowing me to keep my eyes (and attention) on the road and traffic around me. Like Momma, I am still in recovery mode from a too long and annoying illness. (I have never been so knocked out by just a plain cold!) It finally drove me to the doctor and the drugs seem to be working, but are just not fast enough as I want to get out and walk (and try it with my new oral books) since the temperatures here in TN are now bearable.

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