Out Of Reach

An ex one that got away? A place I wanted to visit? A person, an experience I wanted to see, to have? How much would you change about your life to have it within reach again?

When I read this prompt I first thought “Common!” But it’s not letting me go. The prompt keeps creeping back to me over and over again. I keep asking myself if there’s something in my life that I feel is out of reach. Something or someone that I want to have back in my life and what, if at all, I would change to get it back.

I’m a strong believer in “everything has its reason”. What ever happens, happens for a reason. When we have to let go of someone than that has a reason too. That person might not have been right for us in the long run, we might have not been right for that person or maybe the time was just not right yet. It’s the same with places and experiences.

I find that we often waste time and energy trying to get something we are not meant to get when we want it. In a way it’s the same with hanging on to what has been. There’s is simply no way we can force something to stick to us or someone to stay with us if it’s just not right.

Of course it’s easy to say.

I know it hurts when you realize that someone is out of reach. That there’s just simply no way to make it work. I know how it can pull you towards a place you want to be and how hard it is to not be able to go there. I know how great something can feel and how much you want that feeling to last or come back.

The problem is that in some cases we simply can’t do anything about it. And that’s were we have to make a difference. We need to open our eyes and minds and realize what we can actually change and what we can’t. Love is something we really do anything about it. You fall in love or you don’t. Yes, you can live with someone and be with someone without truly being in love. But I’m not talking about this and I guess the prompt is not meant to be about this kind of relationship. You can try to wow someone and maybe you even succeed. You can also try to love someone. But if the real feeling is not there, if the chemistry is not there all the effort you might put into it will not make it happen. You can’t force love. As much as we hope, as much as we dream and as much of an effort we might put into it, some things just are not meant to be.

What we can do and should never stop doing is working on our dreams. Never stop dreaming of something, of a place or an experience. Don’t let people tell you that being a dreamer is a bad thing. When you stop dreaming you stop believing. And then you stop trying. Nothing is truly out of reach. If you believe in yourself you can achieve things. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but you’ll get there when the time is right.

If you stop believing in having a chance, you won’t make it. If you stop dreaming about it, you will never get it.


Inspired by the Daily Post Daily Prompt – Out Of Reach

11 thoughts on “Out Of Reach

  1. You hit one of my favorite themes again. I love what your write about everything happens for a reason or has a deeper meaning. Although knowing that sometimes we still need some times until we are ready to let go because for a long time we may not realize that we need to let go. But once we finally slam that door behind us we automatically turn around and finally see what has been waiting there all the time, we just did not look at it because we were so busy trying to push that other door open.
    Your post also reminded me of this:
    God only knows 3 answers: Yes / Not Yet / I have something better for you

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  2. This did make me ponder a bit because there are a few things in life, while I do not regret missing per say I have had a sense of “I wonder if…” That being said, my life has turned out the way it has and I would be loath to give it up.

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  3. I completely agree with ‘everything happens for a reason’. Of course the reason so rarely actually shows itself, or much later on. So far my life has proven to me that you can set yourself a particular path to get to a particular goal and life will most certainly make sure you won’t take that planned route at all.

    People have to be willing to let go of the one that ‘got away’ and that seems to be such a weakness for humanity. Be gracious in what you have been given already.

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