28 thoughts on “Toxic Beauty

  1. Early in my pregnancy, I read about how OB-GYNs and pediatricians here in the US now recommend dramatically changing beauty routines in pregnancy/nursing. It made me glad for my chemical sensitivities, which took my already minimal approach to products and reduced it further. It marked my really going, hey, there is a benefit to all this. So now I use a couple of minimally ingrediented products and am on the lookout for even better alternatives. I might end up making my own!

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  2. Agree – I stopped with hair dye when I felt it was making me feel unwell & have learnt to appreciate that on most days my hair looks quite ok without it. Some ‘face creams’ have the most ridiculous no of chemicals in them. Like our diets increasingly full of processed ingredients, we could really do with cutting this stuff out of our lives.

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  3. I’m so glad I’ve left all manufactured products! It’s only been a few months, but at least, my body is now free of all those toxics. Besides, I’ve learned how to make my own beauty products and it feels very rewarding to do so toxic-free, package-free and plastic-free. Nothing is wasted.
    Now, I’ve never been a fan of make-up and have stopped putting anything else but moisturizing oil on my face, and I feel much bettre, really!

    What if we just threw away “beauty standards” that society imposes on us, which usually make us feel not so pretty, and just show ourselves as we are, beautiful anyway?!? 😀

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  4. It seems that we all should be having “hormone disruptions”. The greatest chemical offender is perfume. It reminds me of a line from the 60’s musical Hair….”We stop, look, at one another short of breath, walking proudly in our winter coats, wearing smell from laboratories, facing a dying nation.” (Flesh Failures).

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  5. I’m so glad I don’t have hair to shampoo or spray. So I’m safe from that stuff. As a male, I stay away from all that other stuff… no makeups, lipsticks, or perfume. Guess I could live forever! 🙂 Interesting to see the number of chemicals in everything, though. Sure does make ya wonder…

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  6. Because I’m not now going to check all my stuff, no way…oh man. I gotta check it. Thanks for the info. I have been tampering with making a lot of my own “beauty” items. I guess I better keep tampering.

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  7. And to think that this is the standard that made women ‘beautiful’ whilst I was growing up. Hopefully the future generations will be more educated and take better care of their bodies!

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