Stripped Bare

Following up to the earlier post I thought I share a clip of a TEDtalk I’ve seen a little while ago. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

“The message to women in society is the same: You are valued for how you look, not for what is in your heart or in your head.” – Tracy Spicer

27 thoughts on “Stripped Bare

      • How bizarre! Sometimes it is is me and when I visit a site with a theme I haven’t seen before I struggle to find the like or comment box. However I am regular visitor to your blog and know I have liked posts before and seen the reblog button but on this particular post I can’t seem to see it to save myself! It should be between the end of the post and replies? Anyway I got round it by linking the video back to your post. I didn’t just want to take your wonderful find and introduction and embed the video straight in my post. I know many of readers will enjoy your blog too!

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      • I can’t seem to see the like button. I started in the reader but went to your site. Sometimes if I can’t find a like button on a site I can do it through the reader. but I know there are usually like and reblog buttons on your site. May well be me!

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      • It was actually disabled! Seriously… sometimes I wonder why it happens. I very rarely disable comment buttons (in the case I reblog something and I want people to comment on the original post rather than on mine). Why the like and reblog buttons were disabled is beyond me… Thanks for pointing it out!


      • And by the way: I have a meme sitting there for a while and just found a way to combine it with something in a post. Will be up tonight πŸ™‚


      • Just checked out your exercise and music post. The like and reblog are super easy to see and find. So I don’t think I am going lala! I can’t see it on this page!

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      • It was disabled. I changed it now. For some reason what used to be automatically enabled seems to be automatically disabled now… not sure if it’s a glitch or if WordPress changed something around…


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  3. I don’t wear make up, or tan, or anything much else, no heels, keep hair in simple cut that doesn’t require any fixing. Have done my nails maybe 5 times in my later years. Had a pedicure once.

    I know women who do spend that time. It’s just not for me. The most I ever did was a bit of eye shadow, eye liner and lipstick when I was in college.

    But I love this talk. Haha!

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