My Picks Of The Week #39

It’s the weekend again! Who is as excited as I am? Over here it looks like we will have a nice spring weekend waiting for us with sunshine and nice temperatures. Oh how much I look forward to this! Here they are, my picks of this week. Enjoy reading and have a great weekend you all 🙂

Lucky Otter’s Haven
People pleasing is never a good option as you always leave yourself behind…

Scary Mommy
Must be hard for all of them. The kids and the foster parents…

Motherhood: The Real Deal
Oh I love this little list and how true is it???…

Fictional Kevin
How beautiful… it’s truly the best part…

Tiny Expats
I honestly don’t think that a truly smooth relocation exists. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have to be a nightmare either…

Deliciously Ella
Some great healthy recipes… sorry, just simply can’t pick my favorite… hang on… maybe it’s the sweet potato brownies

Silence is not always golden…

Erika Kind
Nothing more to add to this great post about being authentic…

Zen And Pi
Indeed, you can start over again every morning…

Perfection Pending
Great post about who we really judge and why…

Oh what a list!!!

A great list of advice about love…

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