Change In Pictures

This weeks WordPress Photo Challenge is about “Change”. I guess you could showcase change by comparing different seasons to each other in different pictures. But I wanted to use one picture that can stand for change. Here’s what I came up with:

And I thought of a birthday, as it changes your age. Depending on what age you are there are many other changes for you too. Let’s just only think of changing from a child to a teenager or from a teenager to a young adult.

Then of course there’s the change in weather. You can have blue sky and the sun in the back and a dark grey sky and a storm in front of you…

And how about getting married? A lot of things do change when you get married (although we always say they shouldn’t really…)

ringsThe surroundings can go from green to snow covered with the temperatures changing from warm to chilly, depending on the altitude…

skiing3and the purpose of something can change too…

Green4Life is full of changes. And they might not be easy. The question is not if we are able to change but if we are willing too and how easy or hard we make it for ourselves to give in and actually embrace the change.

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