18 thoughts on “Rain – Did You Know…

  1. I laughed since we just had 2,3 inches last night. We had 33 inches of rain in September. Today was bright was bright and sunny.
    I do love the smell of rain on a spring day. A normal summer day. We haven’t smell the fresh air in months. It smells like mildew outside.
    I had a good day today. I am sure the weather had something to do with it. Hugs……

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    • I totally see how it would make you feel better. It definitely does make me feel better. But I also know how much people complain about too much rain (but then they complain anyway…). Glad you had a good day 🙂

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      • Our Sunday is over now. Huge day with my son competing at National Championships. Just had dinner and settling down with a glass of wine now. Soon off to bed. It was a bit of a mixed day. In the sense of being annoying at one stage with bad communication re starting time of some of the kids. But all in all good. A happy and very proud mom for sure 🙂


  2. There’s something with the smell of the rain. And I love it! I love the rain too – on condition that I’m at home and not stuck somewhere all drenched or stuck in traffic! Speaking of which it’s been pouring here all day and we stayed home, snug! 😊

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  3. For me it is circumstances. Home and nothing to do, yup it is soothing. Gotta get stuff done outside, nope it is irritating.

    Hew…I am so unromantic!

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  4. I have one of those sound machines to help you sleep. Ocean waves…1st choice, rainfall is my 2nd. We had a really sunny, dry summer here, and while I love the sunshine, endorphins, natural vitamins, etc., I found myself really missing the rain. I’ve lived in the desert…no, thanks. I could actually feel my skin drying up ! ☺

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