Road Trip-ing

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Sitting in the car, driving through the country and the next turn or roundabout is 78.5 km away… Bliss. The opening “speech” of Starship Enterprise comes to my mind (of course in German): Unendliche Weiten. In this moment I’d translate it into “never ending space”.  

There is space. Heaps of space in this country. When you drive for 8 to 10 hours you realize how much of wilderness there is. Or farmland. And each and every time we take a drive like this, it’s mesmerizing again. For someone like me, coming from Switzerland.   

I feel blessed to experience it, to be able to show it to the kids. Although I really don’t know how much it means to them as it seems so normal to them. For me it’s definitely not. And I wonder what they will think if we go back to Switzerland for a visit. I wonder if it will feel crowded to them or cozy. 

I guess that will be another adventure in our future…  

13 thoughts on “Road Trip-ing

  1. Such beautiful pictures. And I know exactly what you mean: Unendliche Weiten. I always think that when I stand a the Pacific Ocean and try to find words that would express this German expression.

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  2. Are you children old enough to remember Switzerland? I wonder how they would describe the difference visually if they do.This planet is stunning. I’ve never seen a picture and thought “Why would anyone want to live there.” even sand dunes are beautiful.

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