21 thoughts on “Amputation – Did You Know…

  1. Interesting perspective! I can’t imagine losing a limb! And it’s avoidable by many diabetics if only they’d understand their risk. My grandma lost her leg to diabetes because she ever understood how to eat a healthy diet….

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  2. I would have never expected that there are so many who lose a limb to diabetes.
    Then again such a disease should never be underestimated.
    I think illnesses like diabetes are often not taken serious enough

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  3. I worked in a surgical clinic in a prior life (about years ago). Amputation was frequent, and so preventable with diabetes. The saddest part is a patient would not want a toe taken off, a few months later, they’d wind up with a removal to the knee. Healthy diet + little toe gone seems the better option.

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  4. The statistic is not surprising, considering the source: Jamie Oliver. You did know that improving the way we all eat is his crusade, didn’t you? He even had a “reality” TV show here in the US for a while.

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    • Oh I know. I think he is on a good mission but of course selling his stuff on top of that too and that sometimes irks me. But I try to see the good. Watched a bit of the show when he cooked at US schools. And watched a bit of the sugar one too.


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