Crocodile – Did You Know…

… That a crocodile can’t stick its tongue out? And that they actually have 3 eye lids? They have an upper and a lower eyelid and then a so called nictitating membrane. It’s located on the lower corner of the eye, nearer to the nose and sweeps across the eye as it opens.

35 thoughts on “Crocodile – Did You Know…

  1. Each time I see one of your posts titled with a “Did You Know”, before I’ve even read it, I half-cringe, half-squeal in delight. Always something fascinating and sometimes terrifying πŸ™‚

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  2. I wouldn’t know, it’s my partner who’s the expert at everything crocodile. And even with his explanations, I still don’t get it. When we went to the Crocodile Farm this summer, and that’s my 3rd visit, he was still facepalming himself when I was calling the alligators “crocodiles” lol!

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