Happy Place

Sometimes when I see the Daily Post Photo Challenge I need to think a little bit before I find the right picture to post. With this one it’s not the case. I guess I could post lots and lots of pictures under “Happy Place”. My happy place is outside, in nature in general but for sure at one place: Close to the water. On the beach, overlooking the ocean. That’s where I get my energy back.

Inspired by the Daily Post Photo Challenge – Happy Place

23 thoughts on “Happy Place

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  2. Lovely! I have a good friend who has a lovely home, she has done it up beautifully and it is in a good location but she has never really settled or felt 100% like it is her place. She said the other day she has realised she needs to be near the sea and the bush. The sea and the beach is a place where she can let the stress of the day go, her happy place too.

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