Becoming A Mom

A question for those of you who are moms: Do you remember that feeling when you first found out that you are becoming a mom? I do. For me it was an amazing feeling. A feeling of pure joy, excitement and happiness. But also mixed with fear and uncertainty. That delicious kind of sweet and sour mix.

Oh I so remember that day. When I realized that I’m pregnant with our first baby. Everything is new. Everything is exciting and after the visit to the gynecologist who confirms your pregnancy it gets even crazier. I wonder to what point the hormones are to blame already and what really is simply a feeling of joy. But then the information starts dropping in. You get aware of all the risks for you, for your baby. And as much as you want to keep positive you start thinking. You swing from vine to vine, like Tarzan, from appointment to appointment, hoping that it all will be good news again. That the ultrasound images will reveal nothing out of the ordinary. And although you keep enjoying your pregnancy (well, I sure hope you do, I was lucky enough to…) and feeling happy and excited the thoughts are there.

What if you slip, what if you can’t grab that next vine? What if the news are not good next time you see your doctor?

Although you have not given birth yet, you worry already for your child. The responsibility kicks in and everything changes.

Becoming a mom is one of the most amazing things in this world. What your body goes through and is able to do is magical and being able to give life is something that moves me massively. Realizing what is going on inside of you, what is growing there and suddenly starts moving gives your life a whole other perspective. You thought you had strong feelings before. For your partner, for your parents, for siblings, friends, maybe a pet. But this tops all of it.

The love, the fear, the worries, the joy, all of them are suddenly on a entirely different level.

Do you remember when you realized that you were pregnant? Do you remember how it made you feel?

42 thoughts on “Becoming A Mom

  1. Being a Mom has been a whirlwind for me. I was shoved in to single-mom hood when my first born was only 6 weeks old, and now have since re-married and have a second daughter as well. I read all these stories of how blissful and wonderful being a Mom is, and I have to shake my head, look around, and wonder what am I doing wrong? Because being a Mom for me, is HARD. My teenage daughter continues to hurt me on a daily basis and sometimes I just run out of tears and patience. While I love both my girls dearly, being a Mom is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

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  2. I was terrified when I found out I was pregnant with my oldest daughter. I was young, and had been in an abusive relationship that had caused me to lose a baby before… but all that fear was overshadowed by the love I felt for the child growing inside of me. There really are no words to describe that exhilarating feeling!

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  3. I do,I was so suprised and happy! I had a very odd cycle. It was not uncommon for me to miss a month or two. I was told becsause of this the likelyhood of getting pregnant was slim. I was asking the Godhead for a son and I was given one. I had an easy pregnancy, none of the morning sickness or anything. The circumstances were less than what I would have chosen but he has been an absolute joy. I am so proud of him.

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  4. You speak from my heart! I can remember very vividly although almost 21 years ago. After 10 months I was finally pregnant. The first test was again negative and I was again frustrated. But one month later I did another test and that one was positive. I was the happiest woman. I couldn’t wait until my belly was growing. I had a great pregnancy!!! In the end my daughter liked it so much with me that she was 11 days late πŸ™‚

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      • See my first born, my son, was spot on on the first due date given to me early pregnancy. They adjusted the due date to earlier (another gynaecologist) to earlier. So I think the second gynaecologist was wrong. She was wrong anyway on many levels…

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      • I think you felt it yourself which date was right. I knew that my third child (a boy) would be born between September 11 and 13. The doctor first said 22. Then I could convince hime that this was too late and he said, ok, 16… I knew it was still too late… Guess when he was born? September 12!

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      • There we go. Oh that story with that second gynecologist is something, I tell you… She was so far out! She did a lot wrong and I think her mistakes (not just in my case) eventually cost her her license. Thankfully nothing happened to my son.

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  5. My first pregnancy elicited all sorts of negative emotion, dread etc. And then a few days after I had shared the news with family, I miscarried. It was strange feeling so relieved but that is how I felr. And then just a few months later I fell pregnant with my son and there was just a calmness and acceptance.


  6. I sure remember what it was like to find out I was gonna be a dad. I was never more excited about anything…well maybe the day we said “I Do”, but that’s the only thing that could compare to finding out we were creating a new life (or 2 in our second go ’round). πŸ™‚

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  7. Since I was 34 and single at the time, to say I was shocked would be an understatement. It wasn’t supposed to be that easy to get pregnant at what was then thought to be an advanced age. Obviously took a while for both future then and now current spouse to get used to the idea though we both came to the conclusion that we would have married sooner or later and this just made it happen sooner. Fortunately I had an easy pregnancy, which was probably an extremely unexpected blessing considering all the other changes happening in my life around that event. Delivery was natural with my ecstatic parents, who had thought they would never be grandparents, receiving the gleeful announcement from the doctor that their first was emerging with a full head of hair and so they should immediately run out and purchase bows to be strategically placed amidst all those curls!

    To complete my personal pregnancy stories, Spouse was ready to start it all over again immediately but between the doctor and myself he was convinced to allow me at least a 6 month break. Second daughter was born 17 months after the first. I shall never forget the day and clearly recall leaving for the hospital after I started having labor pains on the couch while watching one of my favorite TV programs, “L.A. Law.” I also well remember the time since, as far as I was concerned, it was still the middle of the night. Actually, it was 2:13AM and as I was wheeled into recovery they asked if I wanted to have the baby in the room with me. My reply: “No thanks. I’ll have the rest of my life to do that.” Little did I know how true those words would be as this child just did not like to sleep, at least not like her older sister. With my first, who was born around 8PM on a holiday, I was always afraid that she had stopped breathing in the night. With my second, there was never any doubt that she was breathing, moving, crying and nearly any other activity in which a new born could engage except sleeping!

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