DIY Home Gym With Items Around the House

Workout is something that is important to me but I’m no gym goer. I prefer working out at home or outside. for years now I do HIIT (bodyweight) workouts at home which keep me happy and for sure sweaty. When Kelsey approached me about writing a guest post about working out for my blog it made me really excited. Not only to read a post written by someone I’m not yet that familiar with but also reading about a take on working out at home. When Kelsey sent me Katherine’s post I was not disappointed. I’m actually looking forward to incorporate some of the things listed in the post.

As an excuse for not working out I often hear the “no time”, “no money” or “I don’t like going to the gym” answer. Well, here is your solution.

Enjoy reading…

DIY Home Gym With Items Around the House
By Katherine Oakes

Gym memberships are expensive, time consuming, and not always an appealing idea. For busy mothers or anyone who simply isn’t interested in leaving the house to get their workout in, creating that experience in your home with only a few items can work just as well. After all, we at Modernize know how important it is to have a multi-purposeful and versatile home that saves you time and money. Take thirty minutes from your day to explore the workout benefit your house has to offer—for free—starting with these simple and effective routines.

Socks and Wooden Floor

Never underestimate the power and versatility of socks. New ones are great for keeping you cozy and warm, old ones are great when reused as rags, and when your socks meet the wooden floor it’s like having a simple and minimalistic home gym. During your home workout, keep a pair of socks nearby (or just take off your sneakers) and come into a plank position (top of a push-up) on any wooden surface—a slippery kitchen floor works great, too. Grip the floor firmly, keep your eyes focused slightly in front of you, and engage your shoulders on your back and tone your navel as you slowly slide your feet up to meet your hands. Keep your abs engaged as you slowly slide yourself back to plank. Repeat this 3-5 more times and rest. You can make this more dynamic by using your oblique muscles and sliding your knees up to your right shoulder, pressing back to plank, then sliding them up to your left shoulder then back. Repeat this 3 times each side and take adequate rests in between.


via Modernize

Kitchen Countertop

A sturdy (key word, here) kitchen countertop is a great substitute for a ballet bar or anything else you would hold on to for leg work at the gym. We also definitely won’t mention how great it is for making a delicious plate of cheese and crackers after your workout because that might be distracting. However good it is for snack making, it is equally great for getting strong legs in a few different ways.

  • Calf and Hamstring Exercise: Place both hands on the countertop a full arm’s-length distance away. Bend your knees halfway and lean back a little so you feel some tension in your muscles. Draw your navel in and up so your torso is perpendicular to the ground, and come up on your tiptoes. Holding on tightly, pulse up and down from tiptoes to flat feet forty times, all the while keeping your knees deeply bent and upper body straight. For a rest, straighten your legs and let your head hang down toward the floor.
  • Leg Lifts- Like your granite countertop, leg lifts are timeless and classic. So what better way to enjoy them than bringing them all together for kitchen counter leg lifts?! Simply hold on to the counter with one hand and extend your leg out in front, to the side, and behind you. Repeat 3-5 times on each side and rest.

via Modernize

Kitchen Chair

Keeping up with our kitchen theme (that’s where all great things happen anyway, right?) the last great DIY home gym item from your house is your kitchen chair! Make sure it is sturdy and can hold your weight, and remove any cushions or slippery décor to stay safe. It’s best to keep your sneakers on for these exercises just so you can maintain a good grip the entire time. Do these exercises in a circuit, resting thirty seconds to one minute in between each one.

  • Step-Ups and Knee-Ins- Step up on the chair one foot at a time, bringing your second knee in. Step back down and switch legs, do this fifteen times.
  • Knee Tucks and Left Lifts- Start with your feet on the chair and hands on the ground in a plank position. Draw one knee in and extend it back and up behind you. Rest it back down on the chair seat and switch sides. Repeat five to ten times.
  • Elevated Leg Lifts- Lie on your back with your legs straight and feet on the chair seat. Lift your hips high up off the floor, engage your navel to support your back and press down into one leg to lift the other a few feet. Repeat this fifteen times and switch sides. Release your hips and back on the floor and leave your legs on the chair for a nice rest.

17 thoughts on “DIY Home Gym With Items Around the House

  1. I agree… I prefer working out at home or outside than hitting the gym – I lasted two days in gym. The plank kind of kills me, but I like to mix a little bit of dance with some yoga postures (I know – two opposites!). I am kind of hopeless in utilizing the furniture though, except the walls and the legs. This gives some good tips. And when in doubt, clean the bathroom – squats, lunges, bends, push-ups. Everything is covered 😀

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  2. I love working out at home! I lost 55 pounds of baby weight and I never once hit the gym. These are great ideas! They’re proof that you don’t need expensive equipment, just comfortable clothes and the will to workout!

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  3. As kids we used to ‘skate’ in our socks and polish the lino. We didn’t have wall to wall carpet in those days, just rugs.
    In my adult life, I used to ‘work out’ with my hoover, stretching the old back muscles.
    Tins of beans also make good dumb bell weights.
    Not having a kitchen as such these days, my Gym membership is Maggie, who gets at least three walks a day!

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