Bloggers Meet & Greet

It’s mid October, Canadian Thanksgiving has passed and the American is approaching fast (well, yes it is kind of…). Down here in Australia we’ve been blessed with some amazing weather once more and in a true Aussie spirit it’s time to crank up the Barbie and put some shrimps on it!

No… not like that! More like this:

And while they are sizzling along I thought we can have a nice catch up! So let’s party blog style!

The rules are easy:

  • Comment on this post and introduce your blog in a short sentence
  • Put the link to your blog in your comment so people can check it out
  • Put a link to a post in the comment that especially touched you (can be one of your posts but can also be a post of another blogger)
  • Check out at least 3 of the other bloggers that have left a comment
  • Share this post with your readers so they get the chance to introduce themselves as well

Let’s get that party stared πŸ™‚

74 thoughts on “Bloggers Meet & Greet

  1. Well – here I am!

    Joe Hupp here ! My home on the WordPressphere is – my blog is completely random and informative! A blog I love reading is this one from a lovely lady in Canada: – Pascale is a mum to a lovely 17 year old with cri du chat syndrome and her blog is what she has learnt from her daughter, Emily. Here is one of her blog entries that touched me:

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  2. Love your version of shrimp on the Barbie ! My blog has no central theme; it is all over the place, which is great by me…since that’s the way my mind works. Happy Sunday, Sandra. πŸ’•

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  3. Do Australians have Thanksgiving and what about the English ? The Barbie with a shrimp on her head looks cute- too good to eat.
    Re-blogging this on
    Thank you for this opportunity.

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  4. Hi Momma’s View
    I can’t reblog, but I will be promoting your Meet and Greet in my Weekly Roundup post this Thursday. Thank you for having me.
    I offer blogging suggestions to bloggers. Tips for increasing traffic are waiting for you at my site, and I also offer three free incentives for subscribing. My blog is
    A post that I wrote that suprised me (that’s “touched” isn’t it?) is last Sunday’s post. I offered a list of free blogging tools. I didn’t expect it to take off the way it did. Kristi Hines, one of the biggest names in blogging, even commented on it. Here is the link:

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  5. Yay for meet and greets! And as one is want to do on Thanksgiving, I am so thankful to you for the opportunity. My blog is retail focused. Tales, gossip, and training tools for retailers and shoppers.

    I wrote a post on my secondary(personal) blog recently about abortion, and my own journey through deciding motherhood or abortion when I was unexpectedly pregnant at the very height of my career.

    Hope to see y’all there. πŸ™‚

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  6. Hi there

    Added the link to this blog on my Facebook Blog Page which gets more traffic than my blog and will add it to my Twitterer as well: and @brettfisha

    The most powerful and inspirational page on my blog is called Taboo Topics where i invite people to share stories about a range of topics that are rarely spoken about but deeply significant or intimate such as losing a baby or infertility, singleness or being the parent of young children and struggling to handle them, abortion and adoption and more – would love for you to click the link and look around and possibly subscribe:

    For the most part my blog is a little bit of everything – challenging the status quo of the world, tackling race and inequality, as well as poetry and humour and creative writing so something for everyone.

    Thanks for this connection – looking forward to checking out some other blogs here
    love brett fish

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  7. Hi, Thank you for the opportunity to Meet and Greet others this way. My blog is about showing people how to win the war on negative thinking. I posted this blog just recently and it has been chosen as Post of the Week and will be read on the David Snape Radio show in the UK. Hope you will check it out. This is the show it will be on. Let me know what you think, would love to hear from you.

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  8. Leave it to our Momma to get us all together. I’m fairly new at blogging and I have a distinct blog. Basically I blog about all my Pinterest successes and failures. But the unique part is I say what I didn’t work and what I did to make it work or to make it cheaper. I have so much fun making food (we are gluten free) or crafts with my kids or writing random thoughts about quotes that show up on Pinterest. The kids love that I’m helping them develop their talents too, all through Pinterest. So thanks Pinterest for helping me be a better mom. Here is my blog.
    I love to read

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