While on my walk yesterday I coincidentally stopped under a tree and suddenly heard something beautiful. I’ve heard the humming of lots and lots of bees. Now that could be scary too I guess, but as I know that I’m not allergic to bee stings and pretty sure that the bees we have here are not super aggressive it made me happy to hear that sound. It not only stands for the warm season to be hear but given the fact that the world has an issue with bees disappearing it made me happy to have the impression that there are still many of them around. So when I saw the task for this weeks Photo Challenge I knew that my picture would be related to those bees. It definitely made me think “(extra)ordinary” (and maybe “special” too…).

Please take care of our bees. If you see a swarm don’t kill them. Pest control might not be the best option too but maybe they can point you in the direction of a beekeeper if you don’t know anybody or someone else who knows how to relocate the swarm of bees without harming them.

Inspired by the Daily Post Photo Challenge – (Extra)ordinary

35 thoughts on “(Extra)ordinary

  1. My neighbor took up bee keeping and now the hummingbird feeders are swarmed with the busy little critters. I suppose it will all be worth it, given the price of honey, when they start producing.

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  2. When we went for our walks in the woods in Lincolnshire, we would hear the humming of ground bees and could just make out the entrance to their nest in the bank. We’ve always taken care with them, but if they are lying ‘tired’ on a pathway, we try to take them to the nearest flowering plant so that they can feed and restore their energy reserves. Some people were often curious to see us bending down with a twig talking to the ground until we explained what we were doing. Seeing them some weeks late, they told us they had started doing the same thing.

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  3. I love bees, I’ve never understood why people dislike them or are scared of them (except if you’re allergic, that’s a different story)…they’re beautiful and so are spiders (I will actively admit I don’t want them crawling on me though). We need to remember that nature is astonishing…before we lose it all that glory. 🙂

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    • Spot on. I don’t like spiders ever since we’ve moved to Australia but then the chances are that the spider you see is venomous. I still try not to kill it but rather throw it out…


  4. I always plant a wide variety of flowers, not only do they spruce up the yard but they become bee foods, the bees here seem to really enjoy the goliath sunflowers , you can google bee boxes and build homes for bees in an out of the way place , away from predators and people , as more and more pesticides are used and more natural habitat is taken the bees are in dire need of help, regardless of if you like them or not , without bees there will be a world wide food collapse as who do you think pollinates the crops? … the very crops that are killing them due to pesticides.

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