How You Should Dress Today

Just a quick reminder about how you should dress today when leaving the house…

This made me laugh so hard. Remember when you first watched that movie and tablets like the iPad, handless and wireless video games, 3D Television, video conferencing, super thin TV’s on the wall, families eating a meal together but totally focused on their devices, watching multiple TV channels at once and hover boards seemed such a crazy idea? And now look at us… Predictions they got right when making those movies.

We’ve come very far. It hasn’t been that long really since I’ve been a child (oh well… in some way it has and yet looking at the big picture it hasn’t). When I was my daughters age there were only a hand full of channels on TV, shops were closed on Sundays and some on Saturdays. They were for sure closed after 6.30pm. When you dialed a number on the phone you had to wait until the little wheel was back in place to dial the next number.

Music was played from LP’s or if you in advanced style from tapes.

The cool kids had a stereo and if you were really lucky it had a double tape thingy so you were actually able to record your mixed tapes easier…

And then it suddenly went fast. Computers with floppy discs, then music CD’s, CD’s for the computer, replacing the floppy discs, then mp3 players and so on and on and now all you really need is this:

All on one device…

I often wonder what our parents and grandparents must think. They way it all has developed over the last years is amazing. I wonder what will be in the future. What we will be able to do.

Movies like “Back To The Future” seemed so far fetched back then and yet today they seem almost silly, considered what is actually possible. Looking at all kind of movies that predict our future I’m almost worried. If only half us much of what some of them predict becomes true, then we are for sure up for a ride…

32 thoughts on “How You Should Dress Today

  1. A few days ago someone asked me where I would like to go on vacation and without thinking I said, “1954.” Ever since Henry Ford developed the rapid assembly line and put America on wheels technological advances meant to ease our lives and improve civil discourse have, in effect, been driving wedges between us. Recently at a Mickey-D’s I saw a family of four, dad and a teen aged boy on one side of the table, mom and a teen aged girl on the other. The kids were both texting as they ate. Dad asked the boy, “who are you texting?’ He pointed across the table to his sister and said, “her.”

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  2. I was at a restaurant yesterday. A couple was seated near me. The woman talked on her phone the entire meal while the man sat quietly. I don’t know why they bothered going together.

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  3. Back to the Future thoughts all present today. I think exactly the same. 4 years ago we went to England. I saw a shop with lots of old stuff also such a telephone. I told my daughter to come here and showed her the phone. I asked her: “Do you think, we could have ever imagined at that time, that once we can take photos with that or listen to music?” The apartmen of my parents in Vienna even only had 1/4 line. We had to share a telephone line with 3 other parties…

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    • They said they would give some away yesterday on the radio. I was wondering if they were really giving away some kind of hoverboards or what it actually was…


  4. I was thinking about Marty yesterday and wondered… You’re right, some things looked soooo far-fetched when we first watched that movie, and 2015 seemed like a time we’d never see because it was soooo far away from us! And here we are! only 20 years later and, in spite of some inventions having actually been made, flying cars are still missing!
    I need to watch the movie again, I’m sure there are plenty of other little details that I’d have been happy to have today.

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