The Quote Challenge All Over Again – Day 3

I’ve been invited to participate in the Quote Challenge yet again, which I happily accept. Thank you so much, Karl, for inviting me 🙂 So here’s my last quote in this challenge. Let things fall into place. They will if you let them…

Here are the bloggers I’d like to invite to participate in this challenge:

For Day 1:
Ah Dad…

For Day 2:
NihongojapangoSoul Mate’s – So Near, Yet So Far…
Never less than Anything

For Day 3:
The Champa Tree

21 thoughts on “The Quote Challenge All Over Again – Day 3

    • I forgot to post the “rules”. They’re simple though: 3 quotes on 3 consecutive days and invite 3 bloggers to participate. You can do all of them in one post as well if you like. I prefer spreading them out.


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