The Biggest Loser

I admit, I’m not a fan of the show “The Biggest Loser”. For many reasons. The other night though I was so exhausted that I just sat down on the sofa and switched on the TV without choosing a channel really and “The Biggest Loser” was on. Do you have these moments too, when you just can’t be bothered to change channel although you feel like you should? Well, I had one of those moments right then and there.

So I watched it. I got hooked. I watched it again. And again. And what happened blew my mind.

It did not blow my mind to see what the contestants used to eat (oh, well, yes it did…) and what they also served their children. It did not blow my mind to see with how much discuss some of the contestants ate vegetables. It did not blow my mind to see how hard the trainers make them work out although extremely overweight (oh yes, it did…).

What blew my mind was some of the contestants attitudes.

Now here’s the point: I’m totally aware of the fact that this is a so called Reality TV Show. A Reality TV Show that gets heavily obese people to eat healthier and workout on a regular base and in doing so lose a massive amount of weight. And it’s a Reality TV Show with a massive prize at the moment. And by massive I don’t mean the amount of the total weight loss of all contestants! We’re talking money. Big money.

So one would think that if someone signs up to participate in this show and actually gets cleared by all doctors involved to participate then you would want to give your very best to drop that weight and win the big prize.

What happened here though was crazy! There was one contestant of one family that was just not doing anything. She refused. Everything was too hard. Eating vegetables? Too hard. Swapping soft drinks to water? Too hard. Getting up and move? Way too hard. Working out with the trainers? Super way too hard.

She never stopped complaining.

Yep. Constantly complaining. I actually found myself sitting in front of the TV and telling her off. And when she eventually screamed at her trainer and told him off for pushing her too hard I almost lost it. He did not even make her start her workout just yet. It was in the middle of the warm up.

I get it, I totally do! It’s hard and if I look at the workout the trainer push those people through I wonder if it’s actually legal. I mean those people have not worked out at all. They are clearly heavily overweight and yet they are pushed to a limit everyone who works out on a regular base and is not overweight would struggle. So I totally get that the contestants struggle. I get that they feel like they’re fainting during the workouts. Especially because their diet also changed massively and I guess there’s a lot of sugar detox going on in their bodies besides everything else.

But I don’t get the attitude.

You sign up for it. You know what you are up for. It’s not the first season of this show, so you probably have watched it before and know how hard it could get. You sign up for it with the goal of dropping those kilos and dress sizes. You sign up for it to get healthier. For you, for your family. To have a healthier future. You sign up to make a change. And last but definitely not least you sign up with the idea of winning that prize as well.

So why would you not cooperate form the very beginning. Why would you be against everything? Why would you refuse to move? And why with such an attitude? After all it was your decision to get yourself involved.

I don’t get it.

I know it’s all about numbers and I guess it is probably her role in this show to be the one with the attitude. I wonder if in real life she would act the same way.

Maybe she would. Maybe the decision to join “The Biggest Loser” was an easy one. After all it all sounds so tempting. You move into a beautiful house with 3 other members of your family and some strangers. You have nutritionists there who teach you how to eat healthier. You have person trainers available for you every day, without any costs. You lose a lot of weight and you might win a big prize. You will get a make over and even if you leave the house earlier you still have the chance to win the prize and you still get guided through your workouts. It all sounds perfect, right?

Until reality (TV) hits and you find yourself actually having to work out (hard) on a daily base. Your muscles, muscles that you probably have not felt for ages, are sore like crazy and still you have to do it again the next time. Your joints hurt (they must) and you are starving. And after all the hard work you put in you don’t even get to eat what you consider a normal meal. You look around and although some of the other contestants seem to struggle too, you feel like they are way more in charge of what they are doing than you are. Although you have 3 members of your family with you, you might still have left some at home and you start missing them dearly. You are exhausted, cranky and sad and in all of that you constantly have a camera in your face. Whatever you say and do or not do is recorded and will appear on screens all over the country. Everyone will see your weaknesses and your struggles. They see how big you really are and the rubbish our really ate. You can’t hide anymore. No more excuses.

Suddenly what seemed like a walk in the park suddenly turns out to be more of a marathon.

After initially being upset about her behavior I had all these thoughts and got to the conclusion that she is simply overwhelmed. I’m sure that it took her a lot to sign up to participate in this show. Because of all the reasons mentioned above. But as well because if you fail everyone knows about it too. There’s just no way back. And that can be a very scary thought.

I actually wonder how she will cope from now onward and (oh well) I guess I will watch it now till the very end. Good job, producers of “The Biggest Loser”, good job!

31 thoughts on “The Biggest Loser

  1. Well, I am not too sure if it is her attitude. I am sure the script paid a role too, but an important point here is her physical state. Her body is stressed! Deprived of nutrients, going into shock. It messes up hormones, blood flow and the entire chemical balance. To some extent, I want to give her the benefit of doubt here.

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  2. I like how you took the time to assess your opinion, from being angry with her to understanding. It’s easy to judge others by only what we see, but what is the situation behind the scenes? There is a lot that we don’t and can’t see. That applies to everyone in life. Instead of forming our opinions based on face value, we should look deeper and try to find the real cause. Anyway, back to the show – these people DO work hard. I consider myself to be somewhat physically fit, but those workouts would stress me out too. They’re tough!

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  3. From a different article along the same lines: The problem is this: There’s limited drama in a cooking competition, a weight-loss contest or even a Donald Trump-hosted business-creation marathon. To get more viewers, you have to get the people on your show to scream at each other, to cry, to reveal their most personal secrets . . . and to have nervous breakdowns.

    Once upon a time, we paid actors to do this convincingly. But it’s cheaper to just arrange it so that regular people are driven to the depths of despair. The reality behind “reality TV” is something closer to “The Hunger Games,” in which we are all the “Capitol” watching the “tributes” compete.

    Article here; Also about the Biggest Loser.

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  4. I really don’t watch a lot of television and I don’t care for reality tv a all. The moment you put a camera in the mix reality is no longer a facor. But I wonder how much of it is scripted. Like you said, was she the one chosen to be the whiner?

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  5. We have a contestant like this on Australia’s Biggest Loser. She was a nightmare. I couldn’t stand her!!! Then … all of a sudden I could see her attitude start to change, and instead of complaining, she’s starting to try. She’s suddenly become one of my favourites! I’m hooked on the show now.

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  6. I’ve never seen the show but it sounds like a good sampling of how people face change. Some only make it as far as the ‘start’ line but are too overwhelmed to go on. To put oneself publicly out there must make transformation much more daunting.

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  7. The only reality show we watch is “The Voice” where we become judges, too. We often give them our own advice. They haven’t yet listened to us. As for Biggest Loser, it’s hard to be rational with a hungry person.

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