Are You Happy?

Are you happy? Is life treating you well? Are you spending your day with the man or woman of your dreams? Or are you looking forward to seeing this person soon again? Do you know that feeling, when you don’t feel right as long as you are not around that one person because you love him or her so much?

Maybe you do. And maybe the story about how you guys met is a special one. I’m sure it is. Every story about a special couple that is happy is a special story.

It would be fantastic if you would share your story with me. So I can post it here on my blog in my feature ‘Couples’ and link back to your blog. It would be such an honor to read it and be able to share it here with my readers. So if you are up for it, please email your story to this address:

Don’t forget to add a link to your blog in your email and if you like a picture.

Thanks so much and feel free to head over and read the amazing love stories that already have been shared with all of us.

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