Field Trip

Would you like to get some great ideas about field trips? Head over to Coach Daddy’s blog and check out this awesome list of ideas, inspired by October being National Field Trip Day (apparently) and Ernest Hemmingway’s 6 Word Story.

Here’s how field trips for us sometimes look like:

Courtesy of A Momma's View

Koala, kangaroo, snakes: Australian petting zoo.

The picture was taken at Ballarat Wildlife Park. A place I highly recommend visiting if you ever make it to the South Part of Australia.

You find a list of all of Coach Daddy’s 6 Word posts here.

19 thoughts on “Field Trip

    • My son would love to have a pet snake… the bigger the better… It’s his foot, years ago… the snake could have easily have him as a snack back then… but he always felt at ease with them… crazy…

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