My Picks Of The Week #44

Oh, I almost forgot to post this!!! I was so busy getting ready for our Halloween party tomorrow (yep, it’s already Friday night past 10pm here while I’m typing this…). The house is decorated and the kids are crazy excited. We will have friends over and everyone is bringing a dish. I love gatherings like that. The kids will head out for a trick-or-treat in the neighborhood with the dads while the moms will enjoy a glass of something and get all the dishes ready for the hungry mouths to be fed. Yes, you are all most welcome to join us. Just bring a dish and a bottle of something and come on over. In the meanwhile here are my picks of the last week…

Life, Kids And A Glass Of Red
Oh boy, do you remember the ideas we had before we were parents????

Hehehehe… can’t really say much, I would spoil that one if I would… Let me just say that much: Frisky…

Mitch Teemley
Oh I loved this one. You got to read it…

4Year Old Adult
Well, there’s really not much to say about it…

Irresistibly Fish
A great guest post about being judgmental…. and having an eye-opener…

The Playground
Gosh… Definitely worth watching and really thought provoking… If all the ice would melt…

Erika Kind
I often think about reincarnation. This is a great post about it…

HarsH ReaLiTy
What a great post about life and life changing events..

The Shaming Of The Shrew
Oh boy… what a great post about moving forward…

Part Time Monster
Hey, that’s what’s Halloween all about…

29 thoughts on “My Picks Of The Week #44

    • I’m so looking forward to it. The food they will bring, the wine we will have the trick or treat the kids will do, the spending time with friends… and decorating the house is fun too 🙂

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  1. I sorta kinda borrowed your idea of sharing (I know a good idea when i see it) but I didn’t realize we read the same stuff. A couple of these (though different) posts are being shared by me too. Great minds think alike? I’ll be checking out your pick, for sure 🙂

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