One Lovely Blog, Liebster And Creative Blogger Award Once Again

How very excited to be nominated for another One Lovely Blog Award, The Liebster Award and the Creative Blogger Award again. I really don’t know how often I’ve accepted these awards already but each time I get nominated it brings a smile to my face. It’s such a great sign of appreciation. So thank you so so much, Fabulous With Glitches (One Lovely Blog Award),Β Blabberwockying (Liebster Award) and Between Two Tides ( for the shout out! If you don’t know these blogs yet, please head over and check them out.


To the rules with this One Lovely Blog Award…..

  • Link the person that nominated you to this entry/post.
  • Share seven things about yourself.
  • Nominate some of your favorite bloggers.

I’m kind of running out of facts about myself… So may I just ask you to check them out in my previous posts here and here? I know it seems a bit lazy but there’s only that much I can share about myself and it doesn’t really change, you know πŸ˜‰

To the rules for the Liebster Award:

  • Once you are nominated, make a post thanking and linking the person who nominated you.
  • Include the Liebster Award sticker in the post too.
  • Answer the questions asked to you.
  • Nominate 5 -10 other bloggers who you feel are worthy of this award. Let them know they have been nominated by commenting on one of their posts. You can also nominate the person who nominated you.
  • Come up with a number of questions for your nominees.

The rules seem to slightly vary each time I get nominated. Usually it’s the number of bloggers you should nominate and the number of questions you should ask. I will just have an easy approach to those rules and see what I come up with…

Here are the questions that I was asked to answer by Anand (wow, there are a few!):

  1. Why exactly do you write?
    I write because I really enjoy writing. I always felt that I could express my feelings and thoughts better in writing. To my big surprise I can actually do it in English as well, at this stage even better than in German…
  2. Do you believe in miracles? If yes, have you ever seen one?
    I definitely do. There are miracles everywhere. We just need to keep our eyes and minds and hearts open. A baby being born, a newborn in itself, the birth. Those are miracles for me. Nature. I also believe in miracles in the way you probably meant it. Have I ever seen one of those? Not sure. I definitely think that having given birth to two kids that are healthy is a miracle.
  3. They say, A great writer is a great reader, Do you agree?
    I think you need to feed your creativity by reading. I have to say though that I write way more than I read.
  4. What is the basic ingredient according to you for someone to be a writer?
    To enjoy writing
  5. How do you cope with the writer’s block, if you find yourself in the situation?
    I make notes of comments my readers make on my posts that I find especially thought provoking. I also make a note about comments I made on other posts and reactions to those, again comments that I thought of being thought provoking in the moment. When I feel like I’m getting close to a writers block (I really haven’t experienced one so far), I look up those notes and they usually trigger a post in no time. I also read about a great tip a while ago (forgot on whose blog it was but it was featured on the Daily Post site). The blogger wrote little prompts down and put them in a box and whenever she lacked inspiration she took one of them out of the box and wrote about it. I thought it was a fantastic idea as she used simple things like “coffee”, “ice”, “summer” or whatever comes to mind. Talking about prompts: I regularly check the Daily Prompts on the Daily Post site. I make a note about the ones that speak to me if I don’t want to write about them right away. And I add some thoughts to that note. So I can pull those out whenever I feel like lacking on ideas. But honestly: Reading other posts usually feeds my inspiration.
  6. Which is more important, Heart or Brain?
    Tricky one… You need to listen to both in a way. The most important thing though is the gut feeling. For me that is independent from heart and brain if you really listen to it.
  7. Do you think you are doing your life well? Do you sleep satisfied at the end of the day?
    Definitely. It’s one of my mantras. I don’t go to bed unhappy with the day that has past. There’s always something positive. It’s not always easy. I’m not saying that. But if you make yourself think about the day and focus on the positive things you will be able to find something to be happy about. And then just focus on that. It’s the little things we need to appreciate, you know…
  8. Name your favorite music artists.
    This is hard as I love so many. On my playlist you find a lot of U2, Coldplay, The Corrs. But there are others too. Foofighters, Adele, Aretha Franklin, Sade… Ed Sheeran, Amy Winehouse, Neil Young… too many to narrow it down… this list would go on and on and on…
  9. If someone had to think about something that reminds them of you, what would it be? I think you need to ask them… red hair and freckles maybe?
  10. What are your three greatest lessons that you’ve learned from life so far?
    Be grateful for what you have. Life in the present, show the people you care about how much you love them on a daily base.
  11. What would you like the posterior generations to remember you for?
    Oh I’m not sure if generations have to remember me. I hope that my kids will always remember how much they loved me and keep carrying that love in their hearts but will be able to pass their love on to their families.
  12. What are you’re two greatest quotes of all times?
    The Apache Blessing, this one here and True Leaders. Again though, I find it difficult to narrow it down to three. There are so many fantastic quotes out there. Quotes made by famous people and by people like you and me (oh, I know we are famous in our own way…).
  13. How do you handle stress and If you have a job how do you manage your time in writing and work?
    I usually start bossing around my husband (kidding… or maybe not…). Good question actually… I find it interesting how different I can react to stressful situations. Sometimes I manage to stay very calm and just keep going. Sometimes it gets to me. The question for me is, what kind of situation you are talking about. If it’s stress in a job environment I would say that I handle it really well and just do my best to do one thing after another after prioritizing what has to be dealt with first. If you speak about stress in a private situation then it can throw me off and yes, I might actually start chasing my husband around just because I need someone to talk about it and get it out of the system…
  14. Do you have a mentor (if yes, who are they and why did you choose them) If no, where do you draw inspiration from?
    I get my inspiration from my daily life and daily conversation. I do have a good friend who has always been a great inspiration to me though. But I wouldn’t call her a mentor…
  15. How has life changed before and after commencing blogging?
    I’m just happy having an outlet for all my thoughts and having found so many friends all over this world. It makes me look at things slightly more relaxed as I know if things are wild in my real life I will find some peace over in this world.
  16. What kind of reading of blogs category wise is your favorite?
    Can’t really say…
  17. How do you unwind (spend your β€˜free time’)?
    Exercising, writing, being outside. Socializing with friends. And of course spending it with my family.
  18. If you could be anyone who would you like to be?
    I’m really happy being myself with all my positive and negative sides, and I wouldn’t change that for anything.

I thought those questions were actually really good and I’d like to pass them on to my nominees. I wonder what your answers will be!

And here are the rules to this great award:

  • Thank the person who nominated you, and give a link to their blog.
  • Share five facts about yourself.
  • Nominate other bloggers that you find creative, and inform them.
  • Include these rules in your post.

Again, I’d like to send you over to posts I’ve already written and in which I shared facts about myself as there are only that many I can share. You find some here and here.

Now to my nominees… Who to nominate… I really don’t know. Maybe you guys can help me out? Is there a blogger you would nominate for one of the awards mentioned above (or all of them)? I blogger you’d nominate if you had the chance? How about you mention that blog in the comments below and by doing so earn yourself the nomination for one of the awards above? I will mention the bloggers you suggest and your blog in a separate post this week. So spread the love πŸ™‚

28 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog, Liebster And Creative Blogger Award Once Again

  1. Thanks for accepting the award and responding.

    I really enjoyed reading your answers and I thought questions were really good as they came from my nominators πŸ™‚

    Have a great time ahead.

    Love and light ❀

    Anand πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations! Great questions & answers! Like your creativity how you nominated bloggers! My community group seems to be over nominated for blog awards. Same with me, I have 4 Liebsters! Good luck! Chryssa

    Liked by 1 person

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