The Mind Of A Child

Had to share this with all of you. How very true and what a great illustration of what’s happening if we don’t control our words… Words can hurt. They can hurt badly and they can leave deep scars. Sometimes we will never be able to forget what has been said to us and how those words made us feel. Please choose your words wisely, especially when you talk to your kids…

35 thoughts on “The Mind Of A Child

  1. This is such a fitting illustration. Our words have so much power. Words said to a child can become so deeply rooted that they can follow them throughout their entire lives. We should lift our children up with our words, not put them down.

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  3. So true..I told my daughter the other day she was stressing me and I won’t be home the next weekend. She said oh you have killed me…she was laughing but I felt bad and tried to explain myself better.

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    • When I saw this image, it ticked so many boxes and actually a mom came to my mind who always calls her little girl “the little shit”… and it makes me so angry… because it’s also the tone in her voice. So this image hits the nail on the head. The words but also the aggression are captured so perfectly.


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