Blast From The Past – Stuck In The Moment

Sometimes some things just take over your life and before you realize it another day has passed by and you really don’t know how you got from the morning to the evening, from Monday to Sunday again. You might even feel like a hamster in the wheel and exhaustion kicks in. No wonder that passion sometimes is lost somewhere between Monday and Sunday and hard to find again. How would you possibly be up for a passionate night with your spouse, even though you want to be close and are still madly in love? Exhaustion just takes over and sometimes all you want to do is get into that bed rest your head on the pillow, pull that blanket up and sleep… sleep… sleep…

I bet I’m not the only parent facing moments like this… or am I? I think when you reach the point where life is no longer only about you but suddenly mainly about your family you need to put a little bit more effort into keeping the passion alive. Here’s a post I wrote a couple of months ago. Maybe it makes you want to dance too πŸ˜‰

When we are younger and our relationship is fresh, things are so much different then after years of living together and bringing up your kids. Things shift from being more dynamic, more spontaneous and more passionate to being just normal.

As much as we don’t want this to happen, it will eventually creep up on us. Our lives change as we work more and spend our days and nights caring for our kids, the new arrivals in what used to be a team of two. There are no more long sleep-ins on days off, no more partying through the nights. But there is a lot of getting up during the nights to feed the baby, change diapers or later because of nightmares or sick children. There are mornings when you wake up to your little one cuddling up with you, lying between you and your husband.

Not much room for spontaneous passion anymore. You are kind of stuck in the moment. No wonder we shift into a routine, a different lifestyle, where we try hard to regain the energy we use all day long. In doing so the days and nights fly by and what used to be a close and passionate relationship with hot and frequent sex turns into something closer to sharing your home with a room mate than with a lover. Don’t get me wrong, you can still love your partner and feel attracted to him, but there is just not enough room for this passion, for this fire for the dance. And to be honest, very often you end up being too exhausted to even think about it. I am pretty sure most of us have been there, even if it was only for a short time.

Time to spice it up again, right? Time to dance again and allow yourself some adult time. Find this fire again and enjoy it, live it and move with it. It is like a dance. Like a romantic dance we somehow forgot to dance. Turn on the music, put on the dress and the heals and start dancing again. Own your moment and make those steps. Move, dance, laugh and feel close to each other again. Choose the dance you want to dance.

For me there is nothing sexier than Salsa… or even better a Tango! Now let me go feed the kids and put on my dress and the shoes. And where is this rose? I need the rose… Enjoy and have a passionate and wonderful weekend you all πŸ˜‰

19 thoughts on “Blast From The Past – Stuck In The Moment

  1. “Own your moment and make your steps” I really like this! I have used your post as inspiration for a scheduled post on my new photo blog. It is scheduled for the 19th. Keep and eye out for it!

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