Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 5 – Pair

pairsYou know that feeling when you crack open an egg? You sure do… Now imagine you suddenly see two egg yolks. A twin egg basically… a pair of yolks. How often does that happen? When it first happens to me I had to grab the camera and take this picture. I thought it was a one off.

But then I continued using the eggs of that 12egg carton and guess what: All of them had two yolks! And then I started using a fresh one and again, for the first six eggs, they all came in pairs. 18 twin eggs… I was actually thinking they were doing it on purpose. Kind of breading twin eggs. For whatever reason.

But then it stopped. No more twin eggs, no more pairs. I guess the eggs might have come from one chicken. One chicken with the tendency to have twins. Who knows?

I know, Hugh, you chose a picture of eggs as well. I had to laugh when I saw yours as I knew right away which picture I wanted to post when I saw the topic.

Head over to Hugh’s blog to see more pictures of pairs soon or to check out the previous Photo Challenges.

37 thoughts on “Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 5 – Pair

  1. I’ve certainly heard the saying that a double yolk is meant to bring the person who has cracked the egg, good luck. I hope you do get some good luck so we know it is not just an old wife’s tale.

    Eggs seem to have been popular for this challenge and Ritu and you certainly had at the same idea when it came to posting a photo for this week’s challenge. As they say “great minds think alike.”

    Thank you very much for participating in this week’s photo challenge.

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