Money vs Happiness

Have you every thought about what you would do if you would win in the lottery? I mean win big time? Like multiple millions? Have you thought about what it would change for you besides suddenly having to deal with a big amount of money? Sometimes I do.

When I do I think about the kind of house I would buy. Honestly, it wouldn’t be a crazy mansion. Just a good size house with space for all of us. And space outside. I would definitely buy a house. And then? Well, I don’t know really. I wrote about this before here and I really find the subject thought provoking.

I would put aside an equal amount of money for our kids. In a way that it would make more money, be well invested. I would invest another block of money and then give some to a charity of some sort.

And then, usually, when I’m at that point, I start thinking what would really change if I would win a s…load of money. Could I really control myself? Or would I spend it all on silly stuff. Stuff that we don’t really need.

What I truly need is my family. Is the fact that everyone is happy and healthy.

And I wonder: If I win in the lottery, will that lead to some sort of in-balance in my life? Is it like with a seesaw and if one side suddenly gets more the other side is no longer balanced? Will one side have to give in order to get balance back? Will it be a little war between money and happiness? Or is there a chance that everything can be perfect? Am I going too far, am I overthinking it? Would it be possible that we win in the lottery in a financial way and in regards to our life as well? Can we have it all?

While walking with my friend today and talking about this huge potential win for someone out there (tonight there were 70million in the draw) all those thoughts crossed my mind.

Would it be possible to win 70million and still be a happy family, still spend the time the way we spend it, enjoying each others company and having fun together or would the money eventually have an impact on us? Would be be able to keep both feet on the ground or would we suddenly lift off and lose control? Would the universe still be good to us and watch over us, allowing us to be happy, to be together and to be healthy.

Maybe it’s crazy to think about all of this. Maybe those are all crazy thoughts. Who knows. Maybe in the moment you realize that you won such an amount you forget about all of it and on the other side, when you realize that you did not win, you just appreciate what you have and you continue being happy about it.

27 thoughts on “Money vs Happiness

  1. I too thought about this, when that jackpot was that high. I think it always depends on the person and not on the money. Why not enjoying life and spend the money for things we always wished for. As long as nobody gets hurt there is only benefit for all! I mean…. I wouldn’t mind it… lol… a nice problem to ponder about!

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  2. We’ve daydreamed just like everyone else. Buy a cottage at the beach, finish remodeling our house, new truck, then setting up our kids’ future, helping so many people would be possible. But I said to my wife one time, how when you make a wish we may wish to win the lottery, maybe we already did, just a different jackpot. We have love, 3 beautiful healthy boys, good jobs, and our own home in a place we love. We travel, we do things we enjoy doing, and we have what we need and more. I think maybe that wish to win the lottery came true, just not the way I expected.

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  3. I believe the real jackpot is the bond of Family,good health and the beautiful things that money cannot buy. Of course winning a lottery has its advantages and disadvantages. But ultimately upholding a right perspective to life,love is key with or without the lottery.

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  4. At this point, I would so love a 70m lottery. it will make our lives more comfortable. But I don’t have it yet and we are still comfortable, I love my family and they love me. That’s a constant lottery I will always win.

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  5. I know someone who won mega millions. She was an elderly widow. She stayed in her same inner city home. She did buy a fancy car (Mercedes Benz). She went on some trips when she could find someone to go with and of course, she paid for everything. Spent a lot on fancy restaurants for herself and friends. Now she is all alone and the victim of elder abuse. It’s very sad. She took care of her money for the most part but now she has dementia and the people she meant to keep her money from are the very ones that now control it.

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  6. I think about it ALL the time! I wouldn’t work another day in my life, especially where I work now. Well I would probably invest it and own a business. I would also take care of my family and give to charity. I’d also travel a lot.

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  7. Money can’t buy happiness. Don’t know who said it first, but you might use it for one of your quotes challenges someday. Someone, again I don’t know who, said that no, money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy some very nice substitutes. More food for thought there. Bottom line, and many of your wise followers agree, is that the things we know we can count on to be there no matter what our financial circumstances are, those are the things that are truly important and really the only things that we need to be happy. Mostly those are people we love, like our family and friends, of course.

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