Vision Of A Boxjellyfish – Did You Know…

… That boxjellies have have more advanced vision than their counterparts? The box jellyfish has 24 eyes, two of which are capable of seeing color, and four parallel information processing areas that act in competition, supposedly making it one of the few creatures to have a 360-degree view of its environment.

I know, again about boxjellies. But you know what? I found them so fascinating. Amazing actually. Look how advanced they are? No wonder they have been around for ever…


27 thoughts on “Vision Of A Boxjellyfish – Did You Know…

  1. Also one of the deadliest!They hv recently found those boxes in the beaches of Thailand – a couple of fatalities reported. One was a 2-3 yo toddler, a tourist. : (
    I’m fascinated by them too. Particularly the irukandji – the smallest species in the world!

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      • So if I visit Australian beaches or maybe even some others of the famous ones in Asia, I need to check the jellyfish reports before I go in the water? Our beaches are certainly tame in comparison. Guess it’s the generally colder temps that determines what kinds of scary, dangerous or painful creatures might lurk there.

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      • In the North you definitely should follow the prompts given. In Far North Queensland it’s actually unsafe to swim outside the stinger nets or without a stinger suit. Down here, where the water is cold, the jellyfish we get are not as dangerous.


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